Summary: Jesus offers a definitive spiritual truth that being a part of God's family is critical. It shows the world who we belong to, and if we belong to God, we will hear and do what He says.

The importance of God’s Family

John 8:31-47


- Conversations continue: people to Jesus to the people

- They’ve questions on validity of His power

- Read John 8:31-47 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – Importance of Family

- Abraham doesn’t save

-- V32 – hold to God’s truth

-- God gave to Abraham; but they turned Abraham into a religion

-- EX: Mormons have done the same thing to Joseph Smith

- V34 – Dulos to sin; captive

- V35 – Slaves are not family; but a son is forever

- V38 – Jesus is the Son, He has seen the Father

∆ Point 2 – Obey the Teaching

- They say they are Abraham’s’ their actions say otherwise

-- Challenge: Christians say they are faithful …

-- But these say one thing and do another

- They protest against the teaching … why? CONVICTION!

-- APP: We do exactly the same

∆ Point 3 – Be in the right family

- If you were God’s you’d love me

- True disciples love Jesus – He is God!

-- They fail to connect who He is

-- Fail to act like true believers

-- Fail to see importance of love

-- When do we fail in this? Often?

- V43 – Why don’t you get this?

-- Because you done WANT the truth!

- V44 – “You belong to your father”

-- The father who hates the truth

-- The father who rebels constantly

-- Lying is his native language

-- Jesus says they are FLUENT in it

- Jesus offers truth and they rebel

-- They are clinging to the lie that Satan feeds everyone

-- “I’m OK, you’re OK”

- There’s no repentance, no prayer, no obedience

-- Religion to them is an act … it is not relationship

∆ Big Idea

- V47 – Belong to God? We will hear what He says

-- Why don’t you hear? Is it because we do not belong?

- Pray

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