Summary: Learn the benefits of staying focused on the main job: of winning people to Christ.

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to stay focused on the tasks of evangelism, missions and ministry? We sometimes get side tracked by problems, attacks and difficulties. In Acts 6 the church faced such a crisis. They were facing a division in their ranks. They remained focused. In the last verse of chapter 5 we discover the church was growing and people were coming to faith in Christ. In verse 7 of chapter 6 the scene repeats itself. The church is growing and people are being saved. However, in between those two encouraging scenes we see the church facing a crisis. The leaders are able to keep the church focused and it reaped positive benefits for them. We learn some valuable lessons from them about staying focused on the job at hand. Staying focused has some valuable lessons. Notice seven such lessons.

1. In staying focused we can better handle conflict. In verse 1 we read where a conflict was brewing. There was a division in their ranks. The leaders did not allow the crisis to cripple them.

2. In staying focused we can set priorities. The apostles instructed the church that it was not right for them to neglect prayer and the ministry of the word to serve tables. They kept their priorities in order.

3. In staying focused we can communicate clearly. The apostles were able to communicate with the church the need, the priorites and the course of action.

4. In staying focused we show respect and follow the leadership of God’s servants. Churches sometimes get off on wild tangents and fail to let their leaders lead.

5. In staying focused we can better cope with change. In Acts 6 it was obvious that changes were necessary in the church’s method of doing ministry.

6. In staying focused we can build team spirit. The church dealt appropriately with the division and the people rejoiced at the outcome.

7. In staying focused we can prosper and be successful in the task at hand. In Acts 6:7 the church continued to move forward.

May we not get side tracked by divisions, petty discussions and things that are not the main thing. We need to keep the main thing the main thing.

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