Summary: The children of the light, are made aware of that DAY, How ?.

Many today are not aware of the truth contained in the teachings of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. My people die daily from the lack of knowledge. The heavenly manna provided for the body, that is the meat that the Disciples new not of, when asking Jesus where he got the food he ate, has been covered over by the earth. Spiritual terms can not be understood by the carnal mind. When we are born again, we are born from above. This is the place of our citizentry. The knowledge we receive is like that of which was given to the disciples, and not to the multitude. While the multitude had ears, but could hear not, and eyes that could see not, the disciple's and followers of the way, were given the understanding of what Jesus taught, and could see the truth of what he had said and done. There ears and eyes, had been opened.

The means by which this truth was conveyed to them, was explained to Peter, when he was asked who he believed Jesus was. The carnal mind would simply except the earthly explanation, and pass right over the spiritual truth being conveyed. We are told from the very beginning of our study of the word of God, that the pearls of wisdom must be dug up from beneath the surface of the earth, in the purchasing of the entire field. The digging of the wells of which the deep call out to the deep, came from them digging into the hidden treasures that lay beneath the surface. These teachings give further explanation of the carnal / earthly mind, that is always coming to the knowledge of the word of God, but never to an understanding.

With knowledge gain understanding, and with understanding comes wisdom, where wisdom is, there lays prudence.

Peter was told that flesh and blood had NOT revealed this to him, but that it had been revealed to him by the FATHER. Jesus himself told us where he got the imformation he shared with us, when he said to us that, the Son says only what he hears the Father saying, and does only those things, he see's the Father doing. It has always been the right arm of the Father that God sent forth of his own, that salvation has come onto us, through the anointed word of God made flesh, Jesus Christ. There is no other God, but God the Father of whom the Son obeyed.

Jesus became a living God, as the result of his laying down his earthly tabernacle, for the salvation of them who would be called and chosen, according to the pre-destined foreknowledge of God the Father. Just as the spirit of man is in his blood, so was the spirit of God the Father in the blood of Jesus Christ, it was his very nature that was the flesh, just as the flesh nature of man comes from the spirit of man, that is in his blood. The flesh nature of Jesus was Emmanuel, God with us. Have I been with you for so long, and still you see not the Father ?. The word of God that was made flesh, is the nature of who Jesus was, while on earth, and in his earthly tabernacle.

Therefore the word of God, is God. The flesh nature of Jesus, not Jesus himself, was GOD. The soul of Jesus, and the body, would not see decay or remain in the bondage of death. He Jesus, whose spirit, soul and body was anointed and made the high Priest of the eternal order of Melchsedic upon his baptism, witnessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit who lighted upon him in the form of dove, and testified to my the heavenly voice that said, Today have I begotten thee, thou art a priest forever. That eternal tree of life, whose branchs we are the fruit of. Iam the branch, yea are the vine. He is the very root, that tender shoot, that has become the tree of everlasting life. I am the ressurrection and the life.

Until we are able to grasp the truth of who Jesus Christ was, is and shall soon be, We will never beable to understand the revelation given to Paul, testified of by John in the Isle of Patomos, and revealed to us through his earthly body. It is in the revelation of the body of Christ, that we have our salvation. Jesus Christ came in the form of a man, suffered and learned obedeince, just as any other MAN. He was and is, the Son of man, AND the Son of God. The two men that were made one, just as those two men are made one in us. Father make them one as we are one. I in you and you in me, they in us and us in them. This is the mark, of OUR high calling, not Jesus the son of man, he already reached that high calling, when he was anointed as the Son of God, thou art the Christ of God.

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