Summary: We live in a physical world, but there is a spiritual world all around us that we do not see. But here is a fascinating look into that world.

Passage: Daniel 10:1-11:1

Intro: When I was in high school, a movie called “The Exorcist” was released.

PP Movie Poster of “The Exorcist”

1. story of a young girl possessed, a priest who comes to exorcise demon.

2. took the nation by storm, everybody talking about it.

3. physical world, unfamiliar with the spiritual world, outside our vision.

4. Bible has info, and here in Daniel 10, a tantalizing look “behind the curtain.”

5. easy to relegate this kind of the thing to the SciFi channel, crazies.

6. but as believers, we have our eyes opened to another world, one to which we are now alive.

7. and this passage gives us a good look at the world we are now part of.

8. if we know the facts about it, we can become useful servants of God’s kingdom instead of mere spectators.

I. It is a World of Incredible Power and Majesty

1. it’s popular to depict the spiritual world with caricatures.

PP Demons and angels

2. but here is one of those actual interactions in Scripture that teaches 3. first few verses most likely describing vision of chapters 11-12

4. and yet God includes this event in Daniel’s life to instruct all His kids

5. v5, physical description shocking!

PP Revelation 10:1

6. notice the reaction of those around.

7. Daniel’s companions did not see what he saw, but they were terrified and hid themselves.

8. and Daniel went weak, and then fainted! And he was not a wimp!

Il) neither were the soldiers who fainted at the sight of the angels at Jesus’ resurrection!

9. friends, all we know is that every time a human being has interaction with an angel, they are overwhelmed by the power and majesty.

Il) when Jesus came and took on our humanity, he “emptied Himself” of those things that would have caused every person to fall down at the sight of him.

PP Revelation 1:17 (typical)

10. there is a spiritual world that blows the doors off our greatest achievements, most powerful weapons, mightiest armies.

11. the amazing thing is that, as believers, we are now part of it.

12. what do we need to know about it?

II. It is a World of Conflict Between Powerful Forces

1. outside Revelation, here is a rare glimpse into this conflict.

2. while Daniel was praying in v2, God sent this angel in response. V12

3. but this mighty angel was successfully resisted by “the prince of the Persian kingdom”

PP Prince of Persia

4. we don’t think this way; that kingdoms have Satanic rulers/controllers.

5. The this one did, and in v20, another “prince of Greece” is mentioned.

6. this unnamed angel who was resisted had to call in reinforcements, the angel Michael, who is the guardian of “Daniel’s people.” 12:1

7. very instructive, because we see Satan’s kingdom is in a defensive, opposing mode.

8. use the tools of opposition;

PP Galatians 5:19-21

9. these are destructive attitudes; they tear down rather than build up.

10. they promote confusion, darkness, division, war

11. we see the same thing in Revelation, where Satan’s forces are destructive, divisive, deceitful

13. this gives us solid information about what characterizes God’s purpose, and what we are striving for.

PP Galatians 5:22-23

14. the conflict is on a spiritual level, not fought with guns and knives.

PP Ephesians 6:12

15. so then how can we be effective at all in this battle? We are so overpowered and so out of our league.

16. we should just sit in the stands and cheer for God!

III. Principles for Participation in the Spiritual World

1. we can look with fear and run for cover, or we can engage the enemy

2. if we choose to obey and engage, what principles govern our actions?

3. first principle: strength comes from God, and not from ourselves.

4. Daniel, highly esteemed, collapsed before a friendly angel!! Overpowered

5. and he was also strengthened and encouraged by this same one.

6. the power is available, from the Holy Spirit of God!!

7. second principle: don’t rely on physical power on the spiritual battlefield

PP Psalm 20:7

8. the weapons of war for the believer are almost laughable in the physical world!

PP Ephesians 6:14-18

9. this is what buckles Satan’s knees, not our humungus campuses or our bank accounts or our .357 Magnums or our buffed out bods! Rather…

PP group of believers on their knees in prayer.

PP) “Use the armor, Luke!”

10. so where should our focus be?

PP 1 Timothy 4:7-8

11. we are being transformed into mighty warriors who can stand with God against the enemy of our souls; the enemy of all mankind.

Il) we recognize the lie, believe God’s Word, Holy Spirit, each other.

12. think of this! A person completely paralyzed, confined to bed or wheelchair, can be an immensely effective warrior of God, even if they can’t talk or hear!

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