Summary: love your enemies, but choose your friends wisely


So what is the problem with Halloween.

Other than being all about demons nothing I guess,

But what is wrong with Demons anyway

It’s about demons and demons are cool – just look at Buffy and charmed,

They don’t hurt anyone

You can mess with this stuff because the slayer is always around to bail you out.

And if someone gets wasted then they always really deserved it.

Demons are cute, Taz

So what’s wrong with celebrating demons

It’s a family festival – Stephen Tindal the Warehouse.

We need more opportunities to celebrate the family.

And Isn’t the Bible all about love

Doesn’t it say in the Bible love your enemies maybe we should love Satan

You can love him all you want but it doesn’t change anything, he is still Satan

A lion that cannot be tamed

We can maybe have sympathy for the Devil but we sure can’t trust him.

Am I nuts or is this world missing something hear

When I was a kid we used to hear stories of the boggey man to keep us in bed

Fear kept us there

But we live in a world of No Fear.

Halloween used to be all about taking advantage of people’s fear and making a killing out of it

Now it’s a fun filled family activity.

Where once the general word on the street was that demons don’t exist – now they just ain’t scary.

The Problem Is I have read the Bible, and I know that Demons are not your best mates,

That they can’t be ignored any more than they can be trusted…

Irrefutable truth

1 Demons are Bad

2 Demons Subdue, they don’t work in obvious ways, they make you want them, working on your lust

3 Demons are defeated – the finger of God means that the Kingdom of God has come, It’s a skirmish a war that they cannot win

But more you can defeat them too.

Rev 12:11

They defeated them by the blood of the lamb

Jesus has defeated them by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony

Because he died shed his blood, the one way of access that demons have is shut down

Sure they can still attack us but there accusations don’t stick

Don’t be a dummie

Don’t give in to the charade that you can make friends of demons you can’t

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