"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: God is looking for men and women that will not be afraid to stand for Him.

The Joshua Generation

Numbers 14:5-10

God has representatives in all generations- the ambassadors to save deliver and bring people to the Promised Land. The word of God says, “This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob”- Psalms 24:6. From these teachings, we should learn many things from the life of Joshua who was able to stand against different odds and made positive impact in his generation. Really, a God possessed personality is a God controlled personality. Joshua was an ordinary man who took extra-ordinary step and accomplished the impossible task.

Joshua or Hoshea meaning “He will save” portrayed his noble witness after spying the land of Canaan. He was an excellent leader from the tribe of Ephraim. He had a humiliated beginning as he was born in Egypt. So he experienced hardship. He was a child of destiny as he would’ve been killed like others. In Exodus 17:8-15, he assisted Moses in defeating the Amalekites, the enemies of the Gods people. What were the wonderful qualities of Joshua? Firstly, he learnt obedience. Yes! He learned to rule by obeying God first. Secondly; He ruled for God not self. He was indeed a man worthy of good honor. No, wonder, he was blessed by heavens.

In Numbers 13:1-14:1-33, Moses sent some of the elders of Israelites to explore the land God gave to them. Joshua was among the people sent for the mission. Their commission covers all about the land, the people, the cities and the trees or fruits. After the forty days of searching the land, they returned. Who can really say the state of their mind during the whole days at the mission fields? Yes, they went for the spiritual mapping but the men must be separated from the boys. They had collected evidences-grapes, pomegranates and figs but it was not enough. Many essential things were lacking in them except the two noble and outstanding figures of which Joshua was one of them. The state of your mind may give you victory in the land.

However, the spies were sent by Moses but when they returned to give their report; they summoned the congregation of Israel which was made up of murmuring, covetous, doubtful and feeble fellows who can’t discern what is right for them at anytime. Joshua and Caleb stood out from the people who saw themselves as grasshoppers in the sight of their enemies. The two personalities stood for God. This is the generation God is seeking for. He is looking for the people that will not be afraid to stand even when all deny his miracle and invisible support. The generation that will depend wholly on the hands that holds the universe. The generation that will trust God and his power always even when science and modernism tries to disapprove His existence. The generation that sees their problem as bread, and that can say in the presence of their mountains and giants “we shall overcome”- Numbers 13:30-31. They can be likened to Joshua generation. We shall now look at their virtues and qualities, one after another. The Joshua generations are;

1. MEN OF FAITH; The Joshua generation are the “we are able” generation. God is looking seriously for the men of faith like Joshua. Remember that those who look to the past and fear the present is certain to miss the future. Faith is a winning force. It is an evidence of things unseen. Once it settles in the heart, fear flies away. Are you among the ‘faith and optimistic classes who are eager to possess the lands, families and nations for the Lord? These are men of substance, who only trust in the Divine Hand not financial build-ups, personal ego, intellectual abilities or military power. God had such men- Abraham, Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys who proved their faith in the heathen land. God stood for them in their fire of affliction. The heart of faith can purchase anything good in the world market.

2. MEN OF OBEDIENCE; One who walks with God always gets to his destination. The Joshua generations are those who are willing to obey God perfectly. They love to do all his commandments. Remember, half obedience is no obedience at all. Men who trust in God and submit themselves to him are the ones He delights in; and they receive heavens back-up. God is looking for men that will love and obey Him completely. Men like Noah- Genesis 6:22; Abraham- Genesis 22 and Joshua- Joshua 11:15

3. MEN OF COURAGE; Have you read the language of these men in the word of God, “Lets Go and Possess” Joshua was courageous. For you to enter into your possessions, this is a virtue you can’t throw away. He didn’t keep his own till tomorrow. There and then, he raised a different view, knowing fully well that one with God is in the majority. When a child of God makes a move, God will stand by him. God will also move on his behalf. The congregations ruled by the flesh willl have no solution to people’s problem for the arm of the flesh easily fails. People can believe lies easily. When the congregation heard the evil report, they responded foolishly. – Numbers 14:1-2. The people always love to hear evil report. Jesus Christ is the “Good News”- Luke 4; 18. Men of courage like Uriah can risk their lives to do what is right. They can risk their reputation like Daniel to do what is right.

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