Summary: This sermon was preached as I began a new ministry. We must leave some things behind to move ahead, but we must also move ahead.

As you might imagine

I have been thinking a lot about journeys lately

Trips to Hickory and Lexington

Came back from CBF in Tampa and Journey here

Bible seems to have someone always on a journey

Noah in an Ark, Abram going to land he knew not of

Ruth to land of Naomi, Jonah to Ninevah,

Paul on missionary journeys

By far most significant journey Jesus to earth from heaven

Today we begin a journey together as Pastor and Church

Reminded me about major OT journey

Book even called the Exodus…journey

Share some tips for the trip from their story

1. We’ve Got Someplace to Go

God was calling the Slaves in Egypt to him

God heard their 400+ years of prayer for release

Raised up Moses who over and over

Said to Pharoah let my people go to God

God called their special place “The Promised Land”

Throughout the centuries portrayed in a variety of ways

Captured by the thought we are going somewhere

Viewmont Baptist is on the MOVE! going somewhere

We are not standing still, walking in place

Or only tearing pages off calendar going through motions

This world is not our home we are just passing through

God has called us together for a journey

Cannot tell you want it all looks like or how to get there

All begins w\desire to move get on with it pursue the dream

2. There will be opposition

It’s not always going to be easy

If it were easy everyone would be doing it

And every church would really be following God

Instead of only saying they are

Israelite’s journey had opposition

Pharoah opposed them

Fought many battles

1st time sent spies into promised land 10 said giants there

This journey of following God is going to be hard

It will cost us something

We will have to give sacrificially, reprioritize our lives

Cost Jesus his life,

Bible says don’t be surprised at cost to follow Christ

Promise whatever we give God returns up to 100 fold

Is a cost to the trip but gain eternity

God is constantly putting us in places

So we can be reminded of his power

He never says there will be no pain

To get in touch with greatness in you get in touch with God

3. We have to leave some things behind

They left with haste had to leave some things behind

Could not even wait for bread to rise with leaven

What do you have to leave behind to embrace God’s journey?

Some of you may have to leave behind hurt in church

Others may have to leave behind sins or mistakes in life

May be it is a broken relationship or bankruptcy

Write on your card what it is you need to leave behind?

Ask you to do this because it is maybe hardest step

Satan continues to throw in our face failures sins guilt

Will do everything to get us to wallow in hurt feelings

To say I’ll never do that again

Maybe you need to write down a name

Or some way to say leaving this behind

But it is a new start this is hard to do

Was for Israelites they went from slaves who had nothing

To being filthy rich given God silver, Jewelry

Yet first time they faced opposition picked up slavery

At Red Sea Egyptian army behind blamed God and Moses

Amazing to me how quickly they turn back into slaves

So whatever you leave tonight will be tempted to pick up again

Leave it with God

4. God will be with us

I cannot see all that will happen on the journey

Do not know all the twists and turns

I have driven from Lexington to Hickory in the dark before

6 hrs 365 miles when I start off in Lexington

Cannot see Hickory or Ashville, or Knoxville

But God has given my car a set of headlights

To see what is right in front of me

And if I focus on that I will get to Hickory

God was with the people

Showed it with cloud by day and Fire by night,

And along the way there were some miracles

Manna and Quail, 10 Commandments of how to live life

But these were all found out in relationship

Why we have to walk closely with God

Prayer Bible Study service doing our best

Even when we have more questions than answers

Even when it seems God is absent

Have to remind one another GOD IS WITH US

Why worship is so important whatever it’s form

We gather to celebrate magnify presence of God

5. Who do you want to invite to join us in the journey

Before Jesus left the world he gave us his followers

A Great Commission Go Ye therefore and make disciples

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