3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Anointing is like a seal at the end of a period of discipleship. The journey for the anointing is necessary so that God will be glorified in your services to Him.


2 KINGS 2:9-11

God in His infinite mercies want you to excel and be favored above your contemporaries. The journey for the power and anointing of God is necessary so that God will be glorified in your services to Him. It is the journey for Divine promotion, blessings, exploits and enthronement. Matthew Skariah in his interesting book, "Forbidden Zone" wrote, "Anointing is the fruit of brokenness. When God anoints his vessel that vessel sparkles"

A journey can be a step towards a destination. It can be a movement. The journey a Christian takes in life can make or mar him. What is anointing? Some scholars said that it is "the grace of God upon somebody to carry out a specific tasks" or "it is the power of God" but the ordinary English meaning says "to anoint is to pour upon or apply or to smear or rub with oil, pomade,grease,lubricant etc. So if to anoint is to pour upon or apply or to smear, then the anointing is the medium that is poured. So anointing is the oil or lubricant. Therefore, we can begin to understand anointing as a heavenly lubricant poured upon a man to make a heavenly task committed unto him smooth, easy, flowing, without friction or struggles. When there is no anointing, there will be a lot of struggling, abundance of noise and a lot of heat generated by friction and force. So as we get into this teaching, we need to pray fervently that God will find correct lives upon which to pour His anointing so that the land will be revive again.

However, we are in the age of the restoration of the prophetic calling and ministry-The generation expected to cause positive changes in the lives of people, families, churches and nations. In this all-important journey, we have the PARTAKERS and SPECTATORS. The choice of the believer determines how far he can go. On the journey of Elijah and Elisha, it was TIMELY, PERSISTENT AND DETERMINED. The journey for the real thing in ministry starts with a must experience.

1.GILGAL EXPERIENCE; JOSHUA 5:2-15; Gilgal experience is a must journey for the anointing of God in a believers life and ministry. The experience will make a child of God to walk in the realm of the supernatural. In Gilgal, we saw God commanding Joshua on what he expects from his people. There must be “CIRCUMCISION”. Christianity by the process of circumcision is all about PAIN and BLOOD. There must be an undressing during the process for none wears a cloth during circumcision. Paul the apostle addressed us this way, “Put off to Put on…” (Colossians 3:8-11).So the journey must begin with the spiritual circumcision which are regeneration and repentance towards our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Again at Gilgal, we saw “WHOLENESS”. This is the original intention of God for man from creation. A man at the pool of Bethsaida was restored by Jesus Christ after being in bondage for 38yrs.It can take the devil many years to keep man in bondage but it takes Christ a second to set him free. Also, at Gilgal, we saw the experience of “THE ROLLING AWAY THE REPROACH”.A life of reproach stands against your destiny and supernatural manifestation. Some Christians were not excelling because of this hindrance. The children of Jacob, the patriarch will not forget their ugly encounters. Reuben paid dearly for it ;( Genesis 35:21-22, Genesis 49:3-4), Judah couldn’t believe it when he gave out his signet, bracelets and a staff which has been the symbol of honor, dominion and authority.(Genesis 38). The name of Dinah were nowhere mentioned after her immoral relationship. (Genesis 34). You are to eschew all form of reproaches which can only make you stagnant in your Christian walk. We have the experience of PASSOVER” at Gilgal. It speaks of death and resurrection. It is a mark of spiritual deliverance for Gods children. Christians should identify with Christ, “our Passover lamb”

2.BETHEL EXPERIENCE: GENESIS 28:10-15. This is another must journey. Elijah and Elisha moved to Bethel. At Bethel; we saw 1. The LORDS REVELATION, 2. A COVENANT established 3. A DIVINE PROMISE-assurance of safety and 4. A VOW by the recipient- Jacob. All these experiences are meaningful themselves. It all started with a dream. God is looking for dreamers. Joseph was a perfect example. Though, sold in Egypt but his life affected many people. The dream of the seventeen year boy saved himself, 1. The house of Potiphar, 2. House of Pharaoh, 3. Ancient Egypt, 4. The entire world (Genesis 41:57), 5. The house of Jacob. At Bethel, we saw other experiences. Jacob erected ALTAR,-which shows communion, fellowship, sacrifice, relationship and possession. It is a place of CONTACT; a platform for DIVINE REVELATION, forum for TRAINING and TRIMMING. All these experiences are essential for the journey for the anointing. It is only the wise men like Noah, Jacob, Moses, Abraham, Elijah, and Elisha that can build altar for the Lord. The foolish ones like Esau, Hophni and Phinehas, Gehazi, Ahab cannot do it. At Bethel, the languages are, “consecrate”, “Get Rid”, “Purify”, “Change”. Indeed, anointing is anchored on personal consecration.

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