Summary: There is great joy in humble service to God.

The Joy of Humility

Philippians 2:1-11

I. Introduction

As Christians we are to be a very happy, joyful people in the midst of a very unhappy world.

Prov 16:20

And whoever trusts in the LORD, happy is he.

I think people in the world are unhappy today because they don’t understand that things are upside down from the way they perceive them. They think, “How do I get what I want?” The natural response is to go after it and take it. But in the kingdom of God you get what you want by giving it away. It’s upside down in God’s kingdom!

Luke 17:33-34

33 Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it , and whoever loses his life will preserve it.

Putting Christ first brings great joy! Now what should go second?

II. The Exhortation to Humilty- vs. 1-4

A. What to do-vs. 1-2

Paul says, “If these things exist” which they do. There is consolation in Christ, there is comfort in love, there is fellowship in the Spirit, there is affection and there is mercy in Christ. So if these things truly exist, then prove it!

1. Be of the same mind- we don’t have to be carbon copies of each other, we just have to have the mind of Christ.

Amos 3:3

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed ?

This means we have come into agreement on some major things. We will not let minor things take away our agreement on the major things. There are some fundamental truths that we are in agreement upon.

2. Be of the same love

3. Be of one accord- this phrase literally means “to have joint souls.”

B. How to do it- vs. 3-4

1. Stop being selfish

a. Strife-the desire to put others down

b. Vainglory-the desire to lift oneself up

2. Start loving others- this would eliminate power struggles if we would esteem others better than ourselves.

J Vernon McGhee tells of a time a fellow Christian broadcaster that sent him an offering for his broadcast! He was humbled to think this man wasn’t in competition with him.

III. The Example of Humility- vs. 5-8

A. Let this mind be in you- it is not by imitation, but by impartation.

B. He left heaven- Missionaries who leave home

C. He made himself of no reputation- “He emptied himself” He emptied Himself of the prerogatives of Deity.

A young preacher stepped into the pulpit confidently, almost arrogantly. His sermon flopped and he went out of the pulpit humbled and meek. A man told him, “If you had gone up there the way you came down, you would have come down the way you went up!”

D. He became a servant-He was a carpenter, a man of the people.

Matt 20:28

28 just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many."

E. He became a man

God picked a smelly stable, a manger for a cradle. A town with no room. He chose a group of shepherds for the audience to the angelic choir.

F. He humbled Himself-Usually I get humbled by something. Jesus humbled Himself!

Lincoln went to visit General McClellan during the Civil War. They waited for sometime and finally the General walked in and went right by them to his room. They were later informed that the General had gone to bed. They left and Lincoln said to his friend, “Now is not the time to be making points of etiquette and personal dignity. I would hold McClellan’s horse for him if he would bring us success.”

G. He became obedient unto death.

H. Even the death of the cross- this was like our electric chair.

IV. The Exaltation of Humility- vs. 9-11

A. God has highly exalted Him- don’t wait for others to exalt you. I would rather God himself do the exalting! Time is built around his birth. History is His story! He is not in the cradle or on the cross today! He is exalted above all!

1 Peter 3:22

22 who has gone into heaven and is at the right hand of God, angels and authorities and powers having been made subject to Him.

B. God has given Him a Name above every name

C. Every knee shall bow at His name both things in heaven and things on earth and those under the earth. (In Hell)

D. Every tongue shall confess that He is Lord- not all will confess him as Savior, but all will confess Him as Lord! One sentence that everyone who has ever lived will say: “Jesus Christ is Lord!”

V. Conclusion

Augustine said, “It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men angels.”

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