Summary: To the Child of God, every sound of God’s Word and of the Gospel is a Joyful Sound.


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Pastor James May


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Sounds – sounds are everywhere. Voices speaking into your ears and your heart; music that floats across the airwaves; the noisome din of traffic; news broadcasts and the sounds of nature. Everywhere we go our minds are invaded by sounds.

In fact, sounds have become such a problem that our laws have had to be amended to allow for only limited decibels of sound in order to maintain peace and hearing health.

How many of you have been caught in traffic with the horns blowing, people shouting, traffic screaming by on the opposite side and then to have someone pull up and get caught close to you that has their bass music so loud that it rattles the trunk lid of their car and makes your windows rattle at the same time?

Yes, noise can be a problem, but noises can be helpful too. Take the sound of a fire or police siren to alert people to be out of the way so that emergencies can be handled quickly and lives saved as a result. Or just think about that wonderful sound that most of us hear every morning from the alarm clock that wakens us from a deep and restful sleep. Or take the sound of soothing music. One old saying is that “music hath charms to sooth the savage beast” and we all know of a lot of two legged beasts that really could use some soothing, right?

How many of you get your best sleep of the night in that 10 minute time frame between the first alarm and the snooze alarm? It has been said that most heart attacks occur between the hours of 6 AM and 9 AM. Why, because people are resting comfortably, their heart rate is lower than it will be all day and suddenly there is this alarming noise and the heart races at triple speed for a few minutes until we figure out what the noise is. If we could just do away with the noise of the alarm clock, perhaps we could lower the rate of heart attacks, right? Well, we all know that’s not possible for most people so we just have to keep taking the risk every morning!

Considering the multitude of sounds that we hear every day is interesting, funny and even frustrating but I want us to look at another sound tonight.

Psalms 89:15 – 17, “Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: They walk, O Jehovah, in the light of thy countenance. In thy name do they rejoice all the day; And in thy righteousness are they exalted. For thou art the glory of their strength; And in thy favor our horn shall be exalted”

Are you blessed tonight? If you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, you have been washed in the Blood of the Lamb, saved from the pits of sin, cleansed, given the Righteousness of Christ and born again by the Spirit of God – then my friend, you are the most blessed people on earth.

We are blessed because of we know the “Joyful Sound” that David sang about in his worship to God! Just what is that “Joyful Sound”?

The Joyful Sound is the sound of the hammer striking the nails that were driven into the hands and feet of our Lord.

The Joyful Sound is the sound of Jesus’ last words upon the Cross when he shouted, “It is finished”.

The Joyful Sound is the sound of the Holy Spirit as He speaks to our hearts and draws us closer to God.

The Joyful Sound is the sound of the voice of the Lord speaking to us through his Holy Word.

Blessed are those people who know the joyful sound…of the love of God, the grace, and the mercy of God that are ours in Christ. We know the sound of perfect peace in the midst of life’s storms. We know the sound of abundant forgiveness of sin and pardon from the sentence of death by the blood of Christ. We know the sound of justification that comes by his righteousness; of atonement by his sacrifice; and of complete salvation that is ours through Jesus’ obedience, sufferings, and death.

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