Summary: Part 2 in my prophcey series entitled the judgement seat of Christ. Each Christian will stand before God to give an account for there lives either good or bad, I explain the difference and show the 5 crowns we can recieve in Heaven.

Title: The Judgement Seat Of Christ

Text: I Cor 3:9-15; II Cor 5:10 and Rom 14:10

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- The Bible teaches that one day all believers will stand and give an account at the Judgement Seat Of Christ. What is the Judgement Seat Of Christ?

- It’ the event immediately following the rapture of the church.

- When Christ returns to take us home, the Bible says the judgement seat of Christ will take place in order to hand out rewards and to judge our motives while here on earth.

- Believers must give an account of their faithfulness or unfaithfulness to God and of their motives for service.

- The results of that judgement will be different for all of us here tonight.

- There will either be gain or loss of joy.

- How we live on earth now will determine our position, rewards, tasks and authority in Heaven.

- This should create in us all the fear of the Lord, but also to live with an eternal perspective right now.

- What will it be like? Who will be there? Who will be my judge?

- As destruction is happening on the face of the earth, what is taking place with the church in Heaven?

- I like this quote from James Denney who explains what it will be like for the Christian, he said:

It is Christians only who are in view here. All that we have hidden shall be revealed. The things we have done in the body will come back to us, whether good or bad. Every pious thought, and every thought of sin; every secret prayer, and every secret curse; every unknown deed of charity, and every hidden deed of selfishness; we will see them all again, and though we have not remembered them for years, and perhaps have forgotten them altogether, we shall have to acknowledge that they are our own. Is not that a solemn thing to stand at the end of life?

James Denney, 1856-1917.

- So this evening we are going to look at the Judgement Seat Of Christ in two ways:

A. First we are going to establish what good works mean and doing works with wrong motives mean

B. Second we are going see what crowns are available to the Christian because of faithfully living for the Lord so lets go!

- In I Cor 3:12 it says, “If any man builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light.”

- According to this scripture, the works we do will bring us something, the question is what will it bring us.

- To guarantee on Judgement day that we get rewards, we need to know what constitutes a good work.

- The following are some possibilities in scripture.

Work #1 - Being A Witness For The Lord

Matt 5:16 says, “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.”

- We are too live out the Bible before people.

- We need to let our light shine before all men. Christ needs to make a difference in our lives.

- To many people in the church are living as though Christ has not made a difference.

- They are still miserable and worldly, and the world looks at the church sometimes and says to themselves and don’t want none of that.

- Christ is to be alive and well in the believers life, because He has changed us.

- Or has He changed us? We can’t let our light shine before all men if Christ hasn’t changed us.

- We represent the Lord to a world that, for the most part, does not know Him.

- We must live a pure life and be a consistent witness for the Lord, that would constitute a good work.

Work #2 - Worship

Matt 26:10 says, “Aware of this, Jesus said to them, Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a beautiful thing to me.”

- This woman anointed the Head of Jesus as an act of worship to her Lord.

- Worship are actions and attitudes that revere and honor the worthiness of God.

- Worship is God centered not man centered.

- In worship God we draw near in thanksgiving for what He has done for us in Christ and through the Holy Spirit.

- Worship involves many aspects of life: It involves prayer, singing, confession of sin, giving, reading of scripture.

- Mary was worshiping God and showing her gratitude for all that Jesus had done for her.

- And to God that’s a good work.

- We accomplish this by being faithful to God.

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