Summary: an exposition of Genesis 3:14-15

Islington Baptist Church December 31, 2000

Today’s text: Genesis 3:14-24

Scriptures to read: Lk.10:1-24, Rev.12;18-20

For a month now we have been examining various Messianic prophecies. In the OT, time and time again, God, by the mouths of various people, communicated to his people about a Messiah who would come. This coming Messiah would be: a Savior, a King, born of a virgin, born in Bethlehem, raised in Galilee, God in the flesh, was going to suffer and die upon a cross, not see decay, etc, etc. All of these words about this coming One can be classified as being Messianic prophecies. In Jesus, all of these words of God regarding the coming One are fulfilled. Jesus is the Messiah the OT prophets were speaking of.

Last week we considered Micah 5:1-5. In Micah 5:1-5 we are told the following about Jesus:

1. That he will be struck on the head by a rulers staff

2. Where he was to be born

3. What he will be: ruler

4. His nature: eternal

5. That he was to come on the scene during a time of great Israelite suffering

6. He will act as a perfect shepherd/ruler for his people. One of the defining images of Micah 5:1-5 is of Jesus as a shepherd.

In Genesis 3:14-15 judgment is pronounced upon Satan for his role in leading Adam and Eve into rebellion against God. Believe it or not Genesis 3:14-15 is a Messianic text. It’s Messianic because of this: To Satan, God declares the coming of Jesus. God’s ultimate judgement against Satan is this: His head will be crushed by a coming Savior: Jesus.


In terms of the big picture, Genesis 3 details for us Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God and the consequences they brought against themselves and us ( for Adam acted as our representative head.) for their sin and disobedience.

Genesis 3 provides answers to many important questions people have

-If you have ever wondered “Why is their so much sin, death, and suffering in the world?” Genesis 3 is the text.

-If you have ever wondered “Why is child birth so painful?” Genesis 3 is the text

-If you’ve ever wondered “Why is growing plants and vegetables so hard” Genesis 3 is the text

-If you’ve ever wondered “Why is marriage sometimes so tough?” Genesis 3 is the text

-If you’ve ever wondered “Why do some ministers at funerals dump sand on the coffin and so ‘ashes to ashes and dust to dust’?” Genesis 3 is the text

-If you’ve ever wondered to yourself “Why is nudism wrong?” Genesis 3 is the text

-if you’ve ever wondered to yourself “What is the proper role for men and women and husbands and wives in the world” Genesis 3 touches on this as well

-if you’ve ever wondered “Why are Christians persecuted for their faith in Christ?” Genesis 3 is the text.

As you and I approach the text today, seeking to understand v.14-15, one big principal begets our attention


Have you ever wondered “why is life so hard?” “Why I am physically sick?” “Why am I in danger of getting cancer” “Why was I abused as a child?” “Why is there so much death and suffering”

Genesis 3 answers this question. We get sick, we die, we suffer, people abuse us, life is hard because Adam and Eve sinned against God. There disobedience and rebellion against God (not to mention our own) is the reason for why we have all the troubles we do.

If they had never sinned and if all their children had followed suit… no one would ever die. No one would ever get sick. No one would ever get mugged. No one would ever be raped. No one would ever contract cancer or AIDS.

Yet they did sin and today we continue to reap the consequences: the ultimate consequences of their sin and also the consequences of our own sins.

Some have said: “It’s not fair that Adam acted as my representative, if I was in the garden I would never have sinned”

Like it or not, Adam did indeed act as our representative in the garden as Romans 5:12ff notes.

Today when you and I sin we must realize that there are consequences to pay….

When we sin against God we cannot expect to get off “Scott free”. When we sin God sees it, nothing escapes his attention.

God doesn’t wink at sin like we do either.

If you are a child of God you are under God’s grace and he does not treat you as your sins deserve. But lest we forget: God disciplines those of us that he loves.

If you are not a follower of Christ then you are trouble. Your sins are on your head. They are not paid for. You are under the terrible wrath of God for your sins. The only thing separating you from your just end is the gracious breath that God presently continues to give you. Turn to the Lord Jesus and be reconciled to God.

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