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Summary: This Judgment is actually not a judgment of nations as a whole, but a judgment of individuals from every nation; these are people that managed to live through the horrible tribulation, their referred to as "SHEEP and GOATS"

# 6~ Matt. 25: 31-46 STILL TO COME 7-27-13

Today we'll continue with our study to do with "THINGS THAT ARE STILL TO COME"

#1- is the rapture of the True Church, this is next on Gods Prophetic calendar, and it can happen at any time.


#2- will be the Judgment seat of Christ, here is where all that were raptured are judged for their stewardship, that is, what we have done for Christ after we were saved.


#3- the 3rd study we summarized the book of Rev.


#4- we believe the battle in Ezek. 38: & 39: takes places at 3 ½ years into 7 year tribulation, the middle of the 7 year tribulation, there God is the One that destroys 5/6 of that coalition headed by Russia. ~ God has had enough of the way these nations have abused His people Israel, He's getting rid of sin and sinners.


#5- we talked a little about the tribulation, but primarily about the 2nd coming of Christ.


#6 -- Today -- "the judgment of the nations."


* As we get into today's study of "the judgment of the nations"

~ This Judgment is actually not a judgment of nations as a whole but a judgment of individuals from every nation; these are people that managed to live through the horrible tribulation.


Let us keep in mind that at this point of the end time events, the 7 year tribulation is over, Christ has defeated the armies of the world that come to do battle with Him at what is known as Armageddon.

~ This judgment is immediately after the tribulation but before His Kingdom reign begins, this Judgment will last for 30 days.


LISTEN- We are told that the last half of the tribulation will be 1260 days, (3 ½ years) then at the end of 1260 days Jesus returns and Armageddon takes place.

~ How do we know the last 3 ½ years will last 1260 days?

>REV. 11: 3And I will give power unto my two witnesses, (Moses and Elijah) and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. ---1260---


~We believe that the two witnesses of Rev.11: to be Moses and Elijah.

Listen- The second part of the Tribulation is 1260 days. -- When the two witnesses appear upon the earth, their ministry will last 1260 days. -- Then the Lord allows the Antichrist to kill them, they will have completed their mission.

Their dead bodies will lie in the street three and a half days. -- After the three and a half days, they shall stand upon their feet and ascend up to heaven. -- Combine the length of their ministry with the three and a half days and it equals 1263½ days.--

~ This seems to indicate that they will appear just prior to the midst of the Tribulation, they'll be raptured before Jesus returns at Armageddon.

* Read Rev.11:


> Dan. 12:11- And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. ---1,290---

~ Notice, here are 30 more days, we believe this will be the time that Jesus judges the nations of Matt. 25: --this is just after the Tribulation, but prior to setting up His Kingdom, the sheep go into the kingdom in natural body's and repopulate the earth.--Goats into outer darkness, hell.

Dan. 12:12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. ---- 1,335 days---

~ Here are 45 more days, a month and ½. This will be the time He takes to set His Kingdom in order, placing who ever He chooses over what ever He chooses.

These 45 days will be to set His Government in order.


~ 30 days after the Tribulation to judge the nations, then 45 more days to put His Government in order.= 75 days altogether.


~ Most of the world's population will be killed in various ways during the tribulation.

~ Remember there will be people that will be saved in the Tribulation that had never heard the truth before the rapture, these are the SHEEP that we're about to read about in Matt.25:


~As we read our text in Matt.25:31-46, we'll see that there are 3 different groups of people here, there is the "sheep, the goats and the brethren" the sheep are the saved individuals from among the various nations, the goats are individuals from the various nations that did not receive and believe the message of the 144000 Jewish Missionaries, their not saved, they did not aid these distressed Jews, their called "goats", and then the "brethren" are the Jewish Missionaries, the Lord Jesus refers to them as His brethren.

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