Summary: The undetected and unknown servants of the King often make the greatest impact.

The Keepers of the Cellar

1 Chronicles 27:28 KJV And over the olive trees and the sycamore trees that were in the low plains was Baal-hanan the Gederite: and over the cellars of oil was Joash:

New King James Version -- Joash was over the store of oil

New Living Translation -- Joash was responsible for the supplies of olive oil.

Amplified Bible -- over the stores of oil, Joash;

New International Version -- Joash was in charge of the supplies of olive oil.

New American Standard -- Joash had charge of the stores of oil.

Revised Standard Version -- and over the stores of oil was Jo’ash.

The Living Bible -- while Joash had charge of the supplies of olive oil.

Moffatt’s -- Joash, managed the cellars of oil.

The Message -- Joash was in charge of the olive oil.

Young’s Literal Translation -- over the treasures of oil [is] Joash


-In the last few years, a series of books of attained quite a popularity among business executives and professionals around the country. This little series of books are simply entitled “Lists to Live By.”

-Detailed within each of these small volumes are lists that range from success, to leadership, to recreation, to relationships, and so on. In each of these small articles, with each one barely covering a full page, one finds little hints of advice.

-Some are worth the time and others are a waste of time to read.


-When we look at 1 Chronicles 27, herein is apparently a list that numbers certain groups and defines the jobs of other groups.

-If you are like me, when you gain entry to one of these spots in the Bible, they are either read very rapidly or not read at all and skipped in favor of the next chapter.

-This group of men are a list of officers who served David and they felt very honored to have been chosen for a service for the King.

A. Lessons from the List

-This list of officers and their duties can teach us something about our own service to the Lord.

• Every person has a place of special service for the Lord.

• Each person was called by his name. God knows each person on an individual level. Not only that but God cares for us and keeps up with the details of our life. (Matthew 10:29-31.)

• Each person served a different capacity. We are put into place by God and we can grow wherever He places us.

Ephesians 2:10 KJV For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

B. Lessons from Life

-But just as there are lessons from the list, there is a lesson from the life of one man.

-I would like to draw your attention to a single phrase embedded within this text, particularly in verse 28.

-One finds a man named and then his job description is placed before us. Joash is named among the greatest of David’s men and his job is worthy of being mentioned.

Young’s Literal Translation -- over the treasures of oil [is] Joash

-What an incredible thing to be said of this man, Joash. He is over the “treasures of oil.” The Hebrew root word for “cellar” can also give the connotation of: armory, stone house, or place of the garner.

-He is a man who is placed in a special service to the king. His job is not a flashy job nor is it one that really attracted a lot of attention. In fact, much of his time is spent hidden away from the eyes of men.

-Very few visitors come to the dark, damp, and deserted cellars where Joash and his men were laboring. However, what was being worked out in the cellar was going to have a lasting impact not only on Joash’s generation but the one that followed his and extending even into today.

-There are many unsung heroes in the church during these days. They labor on faithfully, methodically, carefully, and often hidden. Obscurity marks the path of many and only when they pass from this life is it evident exactly how great their own value was.

The famous preacher in London in the mid- to late 1800’s, Charles Spurgeon, was preached to by a deacon on a snowy day. There wasn’t a pastor or an evangelist to preach on that cloud snow-bound morning, so a deacon basically got up and read some Scriptures and Spurgeon started his journey.

-Faithful and obscure service has been one of the vast resources that has contributed to the church over the years.


A. The Duties of Joash

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