Summary: The three components of faithful and blessed living are the Liberty, Labor and Lessons in the Word of God.

Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm in the Bible. There are 22 stanzas with eight verses per stanza in this book. It is also the longest chapter in the Bible and is an alphabetic acrostic Psalm. Just as your pastor uses alliterations for teaching purposes, the writer of Psalm 119 uses a similar method for easier memorization of the Word.

The writer uses eight synonyms for the Word of God. The word Law, tôrāh, is used 25 times. In broad usage, it refers to instructions and in a narrow sense refers to the Law of Moses. A second word is Word, dābār, and is used 24 times. It is a general description for divine revelation from God. Laws, miŝpātîm, occurs 23 times and denote legal decisions. Another word used 23 times is Statutes, ‘ēdôt, and is defined as witness or testimony and is a symbol loyalty of God’s covenant. Command, miswôt, is what God has ordered. A sixth word used is Decree, huqqîm. Used 21 times, it comes from the Hebrew root engrave or inscribe. It indicates God’s establishing His divine will in the covenant community. The word Precept occurs 21 times and intends to convey God’s order to man for obedience. God expects him to respond in submission and loyalty to and love for His commands. The final word used is Promise and occurs 19 times. It denotes anything God has spoken, commanded or promised.

Psalm 119:1-8

The Key to Blessed Living

Notice there are three components to blessed living.

*First, there is Liberty in the Word 1-3

There is a freedom of joy in serving the Lord through the Word.

*To be blessed is to live a happy life! Verse 1

Joy comes through serving Jesus.

Righteousness is imputed upon us and gives us a holy and happy life.

*To be blessed is to live a hope-filled life. Verse 2

There is joy in seeking and pursuing God.

*To be blessed is to live a holy life. Verse 3

We desire to walk in His footsteps.

We practice holiness by distorting God’s Word or ways.

*Then there is Labor in the Word 4-6

*Your command is for us to guard or keep Your Law! Verse 4

It is not given as an option or suggestion but as a command.

*My convictions are to be fixed or established through Your Word. Verse 5

My goal is to please You in all things.

*My concern is to not shame or embarrass You. Verse 6

Your Word brings conviction to my heart.

I should respond in repentance.

All of God’s Word pierces the soul of man who either accepts or rejects its veracity.

*And there are Lessons in the Word 7-8

*There’s Simplicity in faithful living. Verse 7a

Life seems to become more difficult as we grow older yet God simplifies our life through His holiness.

*Sincerity in faithful living. Verse 7b

When I learn His Word, truthfulness shines through me.

*And finally, Serenity in faithful living. Verse 8

There is peace through obedience of God’s Word.

God has called us to obedience and faithfulness not success in the eyes of the world.

The way we treat the Word of God is the way we treat the God of the Word!

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