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Summary: How we use our time will directly affect our effectivness for the Kingdom

The Key to Leadership: Priorities

The Test of Time


The way we use our time will determine whether or not we count for God!

The quality of a person’s leadership depends on how he spends his time!

The effectiveness of our leadership depends on how effectively we use time!

Many of us have schedules that cannot be adjusted. What we do before and after those hours will determine whether we live in mediocrity or develop into a prophetically powerful people.

“Life’s value is not its duration but its donation!”

How long you have been saved is not as important as what you have done with your salvation.

A) Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days aright, …

Greek word: Manah, MAW-NAW … to weigh … to take seriously

Be accountable with time …

“Pastors window shopping…”

If we are careful with the minutes, the days, and the years will take care of themselves.

In John 19:30 … Jesus says …”It is finished…”

I have asked God many times how to I get to the end of my life and be able to say that…

I believe God said… the only way is to live each day in such a way that at the end of the day, you are able to say, “It is finished.”

“Today Lord it is finished … everything you asked of me for this day is done.”

B) …That we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Wisdom and effectiveness will be the result of time well spent.

Each of us has enough time to do the full will of God for our lives.

The problem is not too little time but making better use of the time we have

George Bush

Nelson Mandela

Big Churches



They all live within the same 24-hour time envelope.

Luke 19:12-27

Talent can be equated with time

Just like they were given the same amount of talents.

We are given the same amount of time.

Time is talents

The question is how will we invest it?

Time can never be retrieved

Time can never be hoarded

It can only be spent … wisely or unwisely

Our entire contribution to the advancement of the Kingdom of God hinges on how we use the hours allotted to us.

Friends asked a lifelong reader:

“How do you get time to read?”

“I don’t get time … I make time.”

Jer 12:5 … this opportunity we now have is the only one we will ever have to count for God

Distraction is the weapon of the enemy

We must be focused and self-disciplined if we are going to count for God

1. Time with God

Acts 3:19 … Times of refreshing …

Mature enough to refresh yourself

Mature enough to encourage yourself

Train yourself to be aware of the presence of God

2. Time to Pray

Different from time out/devotional time

Individual and corporate


I am so busy today and have so much to do - I think I’ll spend the first 2 hours praying.

3. Time to be married

Being married and growing a marriage takes time and effort

Our time together cannot be the dregs of the day when the kids have finally fallen asleep at 11PM and we are totally frazzled

Create time to be alone together

Have a regular early bedtime for the kids

Develop community childcare … swap kids so as to give each other time out

A romantic dinner and candles is often more romantic at home

Sandy is great at getting the kids involved in helping her setup for such an occasion. It teaches them that Mom and Dad place a high value on marriage and a high value on being together.

Train and teach your kids … make them part of it

4. Time for your kids

We are the only people responsible for the next generation

Train them

Use roll play

Quality time … not giving instruction and doing homework

5. Time to read

Reading broadens our perspective

Reading should be selective and disciplined

Read secular and sacred

6. Time to evangelize

Give me your checkbook and your calendar … and I’ll tell you what is really important to you

7. Time for recreation

Refreshes more than sleep

Refreshes more than TV

8. Time for regular exercise

Stress is the disease of our time

With it come all kinds of negative stuff

Get out … get some sunshine

9. Time to study

Sacred and secular

Learn a language

Take a computer class


10. Time to dream dreams

Dreaming is part of our Godly inheritance

11. Time to be yourself

Chill time

12. Time for friends

Not good for man to be alone

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