Summary: Revelation 1:19 Write the things which thou hast seen, past--- and the things which are, present--- and the things which shall be hereafter; future

#3 - 1:1-7 New Revised Revelation Study

Let us begin today by pointing out that the key verse to the entire book is verse 19.

In this verse there are 3 divisions of this book. ~ past--present-- future

Revelation 1:19 Write the things which thou hast seen, past--- and the things which are, present--- and the things which shall be hereafter; future

1st division ~ Write the things which thou hast seen-- in chapter 1:

Past: John's vision of the glorified Christ as King-Priest.

2nd. division ~ Present: -- The Things Which Are -- chapters 2 - 3

The seven churches reveal the condition of God's people, during all of the church age, from Pentecost, until the rapture of the church.

In these 7 church's, from Ephesus to Laodicea, the church becomes worldly and complacent, and more-so with each time period. -- the Laodicean church period, the last church mentioned, they have Christ standing on the out side knocking for some one to let Him in, they said they have need of nothing, not even Him, we're in this period now.

3rd. division -- future: -- and the things which shall be hereafter; -- chapters 4 through 22 are all future.

Chapters 4 and 5 are a scene in heaven, we that are saved will witness this.

The rapture of the church 4:1-- John is caught up, a picture of the rapture, the rest of chapters 4 and 5 is a scene in heaven, as the Lamb takes His throne. --- While we, the raptured believers are worshiping and praising God the Tribulation is getting underway down on earth.

The tribulation of seven years (6-19) the church is not here, the "CHURCH" is not found are mentioned in these chapters and the reason is, SHES NOT HERE.

First half of the Tribulation are (6-9)

Middle of the Tribulation is (10-14)

Last half of the Tribulation are (15-19) -- in these chapters, we find "the Great tribulation." -- Beginning in 15:1--16:21 the vials, or "bowl judgments" are poured out on the earth dwellers. - There are 7 seals--7 trumpets-- 7 vials, the VIAL judgments are far worse.

The millennial kingdom of Christ (20)

The new heavens and earth (21-22)

When we get into chapters 2 & 3 to do with each church, you can determine which church you attend, you might want to find you another church.

Lets look into Revelation 1:1

1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto HIM (Jesus) to shew unto his servants (you and I) things which must shortly come to pass; and HE (Jesus) sent and signified it by HIS angel unto his servant John:

As most of us know, the N.T. was written in Greek, and the Greek word for Revelation means apocalypse. Unveiling.

God gave it to Jesus, Jesus gave it to His angel, -- I believe it is most likely Gabriel, because he is seen as the messenger angel in Dan. 8:16; 9:21-22; -- Gabriel is named there as he dealt with Daniel, -- Gabriel is also named in the N.T. as he spoke to Mary, Luke 1:26-38-- and we believe it was Gabriel that came to Joseph in a dream and warned him to take Mary and and the child Jesus and flee into Egypt until Herod dies, Matt.2: --

We also believe it was Gabriel that announced the glad tidings to the shepherds in Lk.2:8-12 -- and that it was Gabriel that appeared to Zacharias in Lk.1:11-13 and told him he would have a son, and his name would be John. ~~ Gabriel was Gods messenger angel, as Michael is Gods guardian angel over Israel. Dan.12:1 --

Let me say right here that, Michael is the only angel with the tittle "The Arch Angel" Jude 1:9 Yet Michael the archangel --- No other angel has this tittle, if there are other Arch angels we're not told of them in the bible, what a powerful angel he must be. --

Michael is probably the destroying angel that God sent and killed 185000 Assyrians in one night in Isa. 37:36. --- Although we can't say that for certain.

Rev.1:1 -- - and the angel gave it to John, and John is giving it to you and me.

and signified it by HIS angel unto his servant John:

We see the word SIGN in the word signified.

Christ "sent and signified" this revelation "by his angel [messenger] unto his servant, John". -- The word signified means to indicate or communicate by means of signs and symbolic language. ~~

For instants, John used the word "beast" instead of the word "dictator" when telling about the Antichrist, he used the word "Babylon" telling about a religious system. -- John used words or symbols which communicate the meaning. -- Perhaps one reason is because symbolism is not weakened or changed by time.

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