Summary: A series on the Beatitudes

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Text: Matthew 5: 2-12

IN OUR TEXT JESUS GIVES US EIGHT KEYS TO BLESSEDNESS OR TO GOD’S KINGDOM: The first key is poverty; the second key is mourning; and the third key is meekness.

V.5 - Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Meekness is not Weakness - It is a wild stallion that has been tamed & brought under control

It is carefully chosen words that soothe strong emotions --- It is the ointment that heals the wound and doesn’t sting --- A child asking a Dr. to be gentle as he treats them.

The Bible says Jesus was meek (Mt. 11:29) – II Tim. 2: 24-26 says we are to be meek.

I Peter 2; 19-24 Teaches it is the ability to take wrong patiently.

Happy are those who have strength under control, who are peaceful, steady and calm when surrounded by a heated atmosphere.

1. POWER UNDER CONTROL --- Power to influence others (Good or Bad) --- Power to be a blessing to others and not a hindrance --- Power to make right or wrong decisions --- Husbands & wives get into power struggles (who’s in charge here)... parents have power struggles w/ their kids... kids have power struggles w/ their parents -Churches have power struggles --- Meekness keeps the power under control.

2. MEEKNESS IS WHEN OUR TONGUES ARE UNDER CONTROL --- One of biggest battles we’ll ever face is keep our tongue under control.

Like Arabella Young. Her tombstone stands on a hillside next to a church in the English countryside: "Beneath this stone, a lump of clay, Lies Arabella Young, Who on the 24th of May, Began to hold her tongue."

Meekness is evident when our tongues are under control: Words can soothe & refresh -- Bring encouragement, healing, reconciliation, comfort, let people know they’re loved & understood, help others preserve dignity & self-esteem -- Words can bring discouragement, pain, anguish -- Failure to control our tongues means we are deceiving ourselves & our religion is worthless. (Ja. 1:26)

3.HAVING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF ANGER AT THE RIGHT TIME --- Meekness is being angry over the right thing @ right time, & not being angry over the wrong thing @ the wrong time."

If honest, we’ll admit we sometime struggle w/ our anger --- Further admit we get angry over the dumbest things --- Usually cause don’t get own way, didn’t achieve a goal, have been wronged or treated unfairly. Meekness is the ability to bring that anger into control. --- Meekness gets angry when God is dishonored or sin accepted or condoned. – Eph. 4:26 - Be ye angry and sin not.

Jesus was perfect example of getting angry over the right things: Moneychangers in the temple...had a whip...downright mad; overturned tables, drove them out.


To realize, no matter what, God’s will is best! --- To declare, Not my will, but thine be done, is true meekness! --- Note Psa. 37: 1-11 - Read It! - V.5 - Commit thy way unto the Lord.....

Present your self to God as Putty in His hands --- Totally Yield your life to the Purpose of God ---

Let God mold and make your life according to his perfect will.

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