Summary: A series on the Beatitudes


Text: Matthew 5: 2-12

IN OUR TEXT JESUS GIVES US EIGHT KEYS TO BLESSEDNESS OR TO GOD’S KINGDOM: The first key is poverty; the second key is mourning; and the third key is meekness.

V.5 - Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Meekness is not Weakness - It is a wild stallion that has been tamed & brought under control

It is carefully chosen words that soothe strong emotions --- It is the ointment that heals the wound and doesn’t sting --- A child asking a Dr. to be gentle as he treats them.

The Bible says Jesus was meek (Mt. 11:29) – II Tim. 2: 24-26 says we are to be meek.

I Peter 2; 19-24 Teaches it is the ability to take wrong patiently.

Happy are those who have strength under control, who are peaceful, steady and calm when surrounded by a heated atmosphere.

1. POWER UNDER CONTROL --- Power to influence others (Good or Bad) --- Power to be a blessing to others and not a hindrance --- Power to make right or wrong decisions --- Husbands & wives get into power struggles (who’s in charge here)... parents have power struggles w/ their kids... kids have power struggles w/ their parents -Churches have power struggles --- Meekness keeps the power under control.

2. MEEKNESS IS WHEN OUR TONGUES ARE UNDER CONTROL --- One of biggest battles we’ll ever face is keep our tongue under control.

Like Arabella Young. Her tombstone stands on a hillside next to a church in the English countryside: "Beneath this stone, a lump of clay, Lies Arabella Young, Who on the 24th of May, Began to hold her tongue."

Meekness is evident when our tongues are under control: Words can soothe & refresh -- Bring encouragement, healing, reconciliation, comfort, let people know they’re loved & understood, help others preserve dignity & self-esteem -- Words can bring discouragement, pain, anguish -- Failure to control our tongues means we are deceiving ourselves & our religion is worthless. (Ja. 1:26)

3.HAVING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF ANGER AT THE RIGHT TIME --- Meekness is being angry over the right thing @ right time, & not being angry over the wrong thing @ the wrong time."

If honest, we’ll admit we sometime struggle w/ our anger --- Further admit we get angry over the dumbest things --- Usually cause don’t get own way, didn’t achieve a goal, have been wronged or treated unfairly. Meekness is the ability to bring that anger into control. --- Meekness gets angry when God is dishonored or sin accepted or condoned. – Eph. 4:26 - Be ye angry and sin not.

Jesus was perfect example of getting angry over the right things: Moneychangers in the temple...had a whip...downright mad; overturned tables, drove them out.


To realize, no matter what, God’s will is best! --- To declare, Not my will, but thine be done, is true meekness! --- Note Psa. 37: 1-11 - Read It! - V.5 - Commit thy way unto the Lord.....

Present your self to God as Putty in His hands --- Totally Yield your life to the Purpose of God ---

Let God mold and make your life according to his perfect will.

5. FOR THEY SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH: It is a reference to the Jews moving into & living in Canaan. They Enjoyed Gods bountiful blessings... a land flowing w/ milk & honey; received by the fulfillment of Gods promises --- Life of satisfaction & contentment

The meek receive what God has promised: His Presence, His blessings, abundant life, eternal life, glories of heaven.

How would you rate your meekness? Do you control your anger? Do you act properly when done wrong? Do you control your tongue? Do you feel that you are like putty in the hands of God?


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