6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: A sermon addressing the balance between child-like faith and maturity in Christ.


Kid = innocence -- faith -- dreams -- hope

King = Authority -- dominion - conquer

- If the Kid in us is wounded

- It will greatly hinder the King in us

- Thus, not establishing our Kingdom -- Rule -- Destiny

- But Psalms 147:3 says -- that God heals the broken hearted and binds up their holes.

- When I was a child

„X When = a previous time

„X Child = childhood is a process to reaching manhood; Kid -- King

- I thought as a child

„X Thought = to call into account

„X Addition illustration

1 2345

+1 +5481

2 7826

- If I misalign the columns I will get the wrong answer


+ 5481


- I must put things in the right column to get the right answer

„X If I am now trying to be a king

„X But damaged as a kid

„X My thinking soul will

„X Put things in the wrong column

- And when I put a situation in the wrong column I will always get a wrong result


-If a lady is friendly to a man with holes -- twisted, misaligned emotions

-he will put friendliness in the wrong column

Turns sexual -- wrong answer


-Disagreement -- confrontation = rage -- fight -- war, etc.

- When I was a kid I thought like a kid

o Being a kid is the process of maturing and learning how to put things into the right column

o So that I can discover the King and know the answers pertaining to my kingship -- destiny

- God won't pour new wine into old wineskins

o Won't pour -- king's authority -- blessing -- anointing

o Into -- wrong column

o Won't pour - new church growth

o Into - old church thinking

o Won't pour - financial blessings

o Into - poverty mindsets

- Therefore, never reaching our Canaan -- Zone -- Flow

2 Kings 22:1

"Josiah was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem thirty-one years."

- In this text we find a kid and a king all wrapped up in one.

Giving us a picture of what should exist in all of us:

- We were created to be a King

- King = rule -- have dominion -- authority -- possession

- A King rules

- Rules emotions -- situations

- A king isn't ruled by -- emotions & situations

- We will never be the King without

- Being a Kid

o That's why the Devil is trying to destroy childhoods

o Abuse

o Fatherless homes

o No boundaries

Holes, then, cripple the Kids in us;

Faith -- Dreams - Hope

Matthew 18:3

And he said: "I tell you the truth,

Unless you change and

Become like little children, you

Will never enter the kingdom of



But he is afraid of the Kid and the King in you

He will work to destroy the kid

If he can't kill the kid physically: abortion

He will kill the kid emotionally: holes




The King is birthed from the kid

-If then, the Kid is killed; the King will never find His kingdom...

...His place of destiny

Life then becomes the process of unraveling the King in us

Yet, without destroying the kid in us

Both are important...

...the Kid must become a King

...the King must become a Kid



„X I was forced to grow up to fast

„X Thus aborting my childhood

„X From age 7-14 I remember having serious responsibilities

„X Giving advice...counseling...praying for survival...learning street smarts, etc.

„X At 14, I got a job...32 hours a week

„X At 15, full time...paid rent / bought school clothes / bought first car

„X At 17, became manager of store

„X Protected Mom / Hospital / Truck Stop

„X At 18, on my own...two cars / apartment

„X At 19, in ministry...Intern Pastor

„X At 21, married

„X At 23, my first child

-It was then I realized, I didn't know how to relate

-I didn't know how to have fun

„X I lost Kid / could lose the King

„X I became a Youth Pastor (King)

„X My job was to teach

„X Kids how to become Kings

„X I hated fun stuff...

...pillow fights

...shaving cream

...roller coasters

„X Having fun -- I felt guilty

„X I was trying to teach Kids to become Kings

„X And instead they started teaching the King...to be a Kid

„X Killing the Kid kills the:

1. Laughter

o Pushing Jake into Old guy

o Laughter in our house

o Staff retreat

2. Living

o Many people are living life without living

o Quads...stuck in lake

o Limo...staff

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