6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Are you walking the King’s Highway, or are you traveling down the Highway to Hell, moving blindly along?

The King’s Highway

By Pastor Jim May

There’s an old song that we sing from time to time that goes like this:

My road is wider, my load is lighter

Walking up the King’s highway

Jesus to guide me, His angels beside me

Walking up the King’s highway

If you’re not walking, start while I’m talking

Walking up the King’s highway

There’ll be a blessing, that you’ll be possessing

Walking up the King’s highway

It’s a highway to heaven, none can walk up there, but the pure in heart

It’s a highway to heaven, walking up the King’s highway

My question for you today is a simple one. Are you walking the King’s Highway?

We are all traveling through life, but are we walking in the right path? Is the road you are taking going to get you where you want to go?

There are a lot of roads in life that people take. Some begin their journey even while they are still in school developing a “don’t care, know it all attitude” that makes them unreachable. You can’t teach someone who has a closed mind. They don’t understand that the road they are walking will lead to a life of poverty, and often right into a life of crime that ends in a prison somewhere. I doubt if there is one in 100 prisoners who will say that they ever thought that they would spend their days behind bars. They simply chose to walk the wrong road and it led to their destruction.

If you are getting ready to take a road trip how do you know where to go? There are many twists and turns along the way. I’m sure that there are road signs, but are they all pointing in the right direction? Is there a bridge out somewhere? Is the road flooded somewhere along the way? We all know that there are a lot of things that can force us to take a detour.

That’s the way that your life is. Have you ever heard the phrase, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry?” We don’t always know what lies ahead. All of your plans and goals for the future can vanish in a moment when an unexpected detour comes along.

The first thing that is necessary is to make sure you’re on the right path and you can only know that if you have a destination in mind. If you begin a journey with no destination in mind, how will you know when you have arrived?

Secondly, not only do you have to know where you want to go, but you have to make sure you are on the road that will lead where you want to go.

If you want to Leave Baton Rouge and go to Phoenix, you’ll never get there by taking I-55. I-55 is a good highway. It’s smooth riding most of the way, and it has a well laid path, but it isn’t the right path for Phoenix. You wouldn’t think of going that way if you were headed west. Yet most of humanity is traveling down the road of life not knowing where they are headed and they are going in the wrong direction.

All along the way I can see signs that I’m going the wrong way. When I get to Jackson, MS I know that’s not west, but I can say, “Oh that sign is wrong. This can’t be Jackson. It has to be Lafayette or Lake Charles instead. Let’s keep going. It will all work out in the end. My heart tells me I’m on the right road.”

I can go a little further and there is another sign saying I-55 north, but that can’t be right. I’m heading west. I know I am. Then I get to Memphis and say, “No, that can’t be Memphis. It has to be Houston because I believe with all my heart that I’m headed west.

On and on I go, through Tennesse, Arkansas, St. Louis, Missouri and into the State of Illinois until I hit the end of I-55 in Chicago, and still I have convinced myself that I’m headed west. I know I’m headed west, In fact look there – it’s the Pacific Ocean! No it’s not, dummy! That’s Lake Michigan!

You’ve been on the wrong road all along, but too blind to see it, too convinced that you were right to see and hear the truth and set in your way to change direction. Your own hard head has brought you where you don’t want to be. You ignored every sign and barreled along, full speed ahead, going for the gusto in life until you hit a dead end. You convinced yourself that the road was right. You just knew in your heart that you were going in the right direction. You were focused on just moving along as fast as you could and refused to belief the truth. Now you will pay the price of being where you don’t want to be.

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