Summary: The third message in a 7-Part Series, Shift - A New Way of Thinking. Today's challenging message from Matthew 5:27-30 explores Jesus' thoughts on lust.

Introduction As a church one of our values is a commitment to Strong Spiritual Families… We desire to encourage & equip marriages & families to grow together spiritually. Anytime we explore a passage like the one before us we must begin with God’s Ideal…

I. Subject is Painful

• I would rather not speak on this topic. Many folks here today will probably debate whether we should talk about this in church.

• Major theme throughout Scripture deals with sexual sin. It is unavoidable. We are committed to the Truth of God’s Word and we have spoken before that we are not going to shy away from painful Biblical topics just because they are uncomfortable.

• So many people come from so many places and backgrounds… single and honoring God’s call to purity, some are single and are not honoring his call towards purity, married enjoying intimacy in your marriage, married and not enjoying intimacy in your marriage, some struggling with addiction, some are involved in affairs, some have been sexually abused.


II. Lust is a Problem

• Jesus begins in v 27 with the 7th Commandment… He has just equated anger with murder. Jesus said we commit murder with our angry thoughts and insulting words and we commit adultery with our thoughts and our hearts.

• As society moves away from the 7th Commandment in one direction, Jesus moves in another direction.

• Jesus deepens the 7th Commandment in terms of the 10th Commandment.

• Why? Lust is a problem. It was then… it is now.

(stats from a message by Pete Wilson)

• In our culture, more $ is spent on pornography than spent on Major League Baseball, Basketball, Football combined.

• Last year the three major networks, ABC, NBC, CBS generated $6.2 Billion in revenue. Adult Film Industry generated $12 Billion. In a single year, Adult Film Industry produces 11K movies… that is 20 times more than Hollywood.

• 25% of all web search engine requests are pornography related.

• 12% of ALL websites are pornographic in nature.

• Lust is a PROBLEM!

• Over 50% of Christian men struggle with pornography

• Those who visit Adult-related websites, 72% men, 28% women.

• 61% HS seniors are sexually active

• 21% HS seniors have 4 partners or more… shocking but don’t be surprised

• By the time a kid graduates HS, have watched 15K hours of TV compared to 12K hours in classroom… kids are not educated by school… educated by TV.

• Of those hours spent watching TV they will see over 14K sexual references with only a handful of those referring to sex inside of marriage as God designed.

• No wonder we have 21 million sexual addicts in Amerca.

• Lust is a PROBLEM. Sexual purity is not external compliance.

III. Bible is Personal

• Jesus says, whoever looks upon a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery…

• Shamefully, which one of us is not guilty of adultery?

Matthew 5:29-30 Jesus addresses the personal attitude we must adopt when it comes to the sin of lust.

• Jesus is reiterating the fact we must drastically deal with sin!

• It is not something to pamper, flirt, or nibble around the edges.

• Personal Instruction from Scripture

• Job Principle (Job 31:1,7,9) – Make a covenant with my eyes… Self-control begins with the eyes!

• Corinthian Principle (1 Corinthians 6:18) – Flee from sexual immorality

• Colossians Principle (Col. 3:5-6) – Put to death...

• For many in the present-day church, often times we take an issue like this and we somehow adopt the subtle philosophy that sin is something to be treated not condemned.

• Listen… as the victims of sin we are not passive victims…

Colossians 3 says Sin leads to Hell!

• Philippians Principle (Phil 4:8-9) – Fill your mind…

• Jesus was warning His listeners that attraction can quickly degenerate to lust… And we must deliberately decline that invitation (Prov. 5).

IV. Jesus is Powerful

• Power to Forgive – His Forgivenenss releases from burden of sin

• Confess to God & Confess to others… Ex of excuse “If I confess this it will hurt (whomever)… Listen… confession doesn't hurt people… sin does. First step for you is to ask for Jesus to forgive you of your sin… Jesus, I agree with you that my lust problem is not from You but the Enemy. Jesus, I need your forgiveness to cover over the results of my sin.

• Power to Cleanse – His Cleansing removes the cause of our sin (root)

• Lord Jesus, I need Your cleansing! Father, as I walk in Your light, reveal the root of my disobedience to me and cleanse me. This isn’t about a promise… This is about purification!

• Power to Restore

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