Summary: Our faith if often tested, even by obstacles placed in our way by God Himself.


When this troubled woman came to Jesus for help, she, like most others wanted and longed for an immediate solution. What she found however were four obstacles or walls that Jesus Himself put in her path. Obstacles and walls that would test her faith.

(1) When she first cried to Jesus, even calling Him “Lord”, she found her first obstacle standing between her and the deliverance she needed for her daughter. This was the wall of SILENCE.

“Jesus answered her not a word.” How often when we pray, even pray desperately, heaven remains silent. Many stop their praying. Many get angry with God for His silence and turn away. Did this hurting mother turn away? No. You see, she came to Jesus not only

with her urgent request but also with her ladder of faith. She came prepared for any obstacle that might stand between her and her daughter’s salvation. She took that ladder of faith and put it along

side the wall of SILENCE and climbed to the top and over, ever closer to her desired answer. Why is God often silent? Is it that He doesn’t care or doesn’t hear? No. He is just testing our faith. When over the wall of SILENCE, did this grieving mother find the

answer right away? No. She found another wall, another obstacle.

(2) Upon getting past Christ’s wall of SILENCE she found the wall of UNLOVING DISCIPLES. No doubt, she heard them saying to Jesus, “Send her away...” There are those in the church, like James and John who would burn up the Samaritans. (Lk. 9:54) There are

those in Christianity who have not the love of God. (I Jn. 3:17)Jesus even had to rebuke His disciples for sending little children away. (Mk. 10:14) As unloving as they were at this time, yet they were still His disciples. Jesus had called them to come and follow

Him. Many will judge Jesus by the disciples who follow Him. But not this woman. She knew it was not these annoyed men but the anointed Christ who alone could help her. So once again her faith was being tested and once again, she took her ladder of faith and

climbed up over this the second wall, getting closer to the only one who really cared.

(3) She gets by the wall of SILENCE and over the wall of UNLOVING DISCIPLES and now finds a third wall, another obstacle in the path of her answered prayers. The third obstacle is the wall of APPARENT PREJUDICE. She hears Him speak for the very first time and what does He say?; “I am not sent but unto the

lost sheep of the house of Israel.” In other words; “Lady you are a Gentile and I am only here to help the Jews...sorry.” Isn’t it true, sometimes God seems prejudiced? “Lord” the little old woman

prays, “I’ve been faithful to you for over 50 years, and look at that woman. She’s not the least bit interested in you and you have blessed her with perfect health. And me, your longtime servant,

why I’m suffering with pain every day. Why God? Are you prejudiced?” God answers His precious servant; “No dear daughter, I am not prejudiced, I am only testing your faith.”

The Christian business man prays; “God, I’ve been a tither of all I possess for these many years. I can barely make ends meet and keep my business going, and look at him. He has never once gone to church or given you a nickel, but yet his business prospers. He’s

made millions. Why God? Are you prejudiced? God answers; “No dear son, I am not prejudiced, I am only testing your faith.”

The pastor prays; “O Lord, I answered your call to the ministry and been with this church now for over 40 years. I keep true to you word, visit the sick and bare many burdens. Yet my flock is so small. Look at him Lord. He perverts you word, fleeces his flock

and yet his church is one of the nations 10 biggest. Why God? Are you prejudiced?” Once again God answers; “No dear servant, I am not prejudiced. I am only testing your faith.”

In spite of Christ’s SILENCE, His UNLOVING DISCIPLES, and His APPARENT PREJUDICE, this dear mother takes her ladder of faith and climbs up and over the third wall. And what does she do when she gets over the top? She worships Him, by letting her request be known. “Lord help me.”

One would think that Christ has now tested her enough. She didn’t get angry at His SILENCE. She didn’t blame Jesus for His UNLOVING DISCIPLES, and she didn’t mind if He BLESSED OTHERS. But there was one more wall to face. One more obstacle to climb over. One more hurdle to test her faith.

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