3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A Message of Hope and an invitation to accept the Lamb's Bride.


A blessed evening PAC. It's a great privilege to stand before you tonight for the first time. And it is my prayer that God would speak to us tonight through his words. Before moving on let me show you some pictures of places, and tell me if you would like to live there or not.

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When you saw the pictures, what did you feel? What first came into your mind? Did you have the desire to live there right away? What made you want to live in those places? Let's say you'll live there, but you do NOT know anyone there (emphasize mo ung NOT hehe), would still want to live there? How about the other way around: what if you'll be allowed to live with your whole clan there, would you want to live there?

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Well, tonight's study is about a place, which I surely know that you all would love to live in. This is the place that the last part of the book of Revelation tells us about. The Lamb's Bride. Let's bow our heads as we seek God in prayer. (Pray)

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We have come to the last part of the study series God Cares. This part is the end of the overall chiasm of the Revelation. Oh by the way, for some of you who are not familiar with the term "chiasm", it represents a writing style that – once understood – clarifies, emphasizes and reveals a deeper meaning of the Scriptures than is revealed in just a surface reading of these same verses. A chiasm is a literary style that some call the “chiastic approach.” Once you understand how the chiastic structure works, it can dramatically enhance your understanding of those verses in the New and Old Testament where chiasms appear. So basically, it's seeing the relation (relationship nalang kaya?) of the verses or chapters that belong to the book.

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Revelation's introduction, or prologue (chapter 1:1-8), tells us that Jesus sent His "angel" to reveal what must soon take place. And just before the conclusion or epilogue (chapter 22:10-21), we are reminded that the Lord, has sent His angel to show His servants what must soon take place.

Revelation began with a blessing to the one who reads the book aloud and it also ends with a blessing to everyone who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.

In the beginning John was told to write down what he would see and send it to the seven churches, and at the _______ (feel ko may nakalimutan kang word like END?), Jesus reminds him that the message of the book is for the seven churches. Did you see the relation and similarities of the introduction and conclusion? and how God led the author to keep the message of the book constant?

Now let us look at the content of the last part.

Here we'll learn that John the revelator was visited by an angel of God, one of the plague angels, and invited him to see the the Lamb's bride. then he elaborated its appearance in detail. This part of Revelation also speaks ……

But what I want to emphasize tonight is the part that speaks about the Lamb's bride. What is this lamb's bride anyway?

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According to Revelation 21:10 it is the new Jerusalem. But many would ask, is this place literal or symbolic? People would compare it with Babylon, which represents the totality of people in Revelation. By comparison, they say New Jerusalem is a symbol of the fellowship of sincere Christians who have endured persecution and have chosen to obey God at all costs. The bible readers cite Eph.2:20, where the apostles are spoken of as the foundation of the church. In Revelation, the names of the apostles are written on the foundations of the New Jerusalem, so they conclude that it is actually the church of God, and NOT an actual city. Undoubtedly, New jerusalem is a symbol of the church. But a thing can be a symbol and STILL be real. In the news, Malacanang of ten stands for the Philippine Government. Though it is a symbol with out a doubt, there is also a REAL Malacanang. The same is true with the New Jerusalem, though it resembles the glory and purity of an actual city of its name, it actually exist literally. To note John 14:1-3, It is a real city to which Jesus went home to, in order to prepare it for us.

The appearance slides

Now let's move on to the part when the angel of the Lord elaborates details of the appearance of the city.

(one by one enumerate)

And that's how majestic the city we've been longing for to live in is. It could only be described by John according to the human understanding of what beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, and grandiose are all about. But we have yet to see a real masterpiece, and God's fantastic work when He comes. (di ko nagets ung last part na yan)

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