Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: AN INDIVIDUAL¡¦S ACTIONS IN FAITH SPEAK VOLUMES ABOUT HIS FAITH. From Hebrews 11, here are four prepositional descriptions of faith.

September 11, 1994 -- AM


Hebrews 11:23-29

INTRO: Active faith is sometimes a prepositional proposition. Note the importance of the small words in relation to faith.


From Hebrews 11, here are four prepositional descriptions of faith.

I. Faith is a COMMITMENT to OBEDIENCE (Heb. 11:23).

A. The parents of Moses knew that God would not want their son harmed. They faithfully accepted their responsibility to protect him and hid Moses from those who would harm him.

B. They disobeyed the monarch of the day because they feared God rather than man (see Acts 5:29; Ps 118:6; Mt 10:28; Heb 13:6). Whom you fear determines whom you will obey.

II. Faith is a STATEMENT of VALUE (Heb. 11:24-26).

A. Moses declared Egypt¡¦s Value to him by choosing the affliction that accompanied aligning oneself against the powers of Egypt (v24). Note that Moses was of age and did not make his choice from ignorance. (Robertson, p. 427 -- 226.5/Ro)

B. Moses proclaimed the value of God¡¦s People by suffering affliction with them (v25).

C. Moses respected Christ¡¦s Value by considering the reward that would accompany suffering for believing the promise of God. God made many promises, including a coming Messiah, and Moses accepted all of them to which he had access. Suffering came because he believed God. When one suffers because he has believed the Lord, he is showing respect for Christ (v26 -- See also Mt. 6:19ff).

III. Faith is a RESOLVE in CONSIDERATION (Heb. 11:27-28).

A. When Moses Considered God, he . . .

1. forsook Egypt,

2. endured, and

3. kept the Passover ( note the importance of the blood).

B. Robertson has worthy words here.

As seeing him who is invisible (ƒäƒßƒÞƒnƒÑƒßƒâƒÑƒäƒßƒÞƒnƒØƒßƒãƒnƒØƒßƒâƒßƒÞ). This is the secret of his choice and of his loyalty to God and to God’s people. This is the secret of loyalty in any minister today who is the interpreter of God to man (II Cor. 4:16-18). Robertson, p. 427 -- 226.5/Ro

IV. Faith is an AVENUE across the DIFFICULT (Heb. 11:29).

A. There is no doubt that the Red Sea was a difficult barrier. God can take His people across barriers. A barrier does not always mean God has closed a door.

B. Note that the people of faith could cross the Sea, but the Egyptians could not. There are impediments one cannot cross without faith.

CONCL: (1) Who are you obeying? What are you valuing? What are you considering when you resolve yourself to a course of action or lack thereof? What Sea are you trying to cross?

(2) A SUMMARY OF FAITH: By faith the believer can commit himself to obey, state the value of the Lord and His people, empower himself to resolve in consideration of God, and overcome the difficult.

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