Summary: Urging men to come to Christ

The Last Invitation

There are two comings seen in these final verses of the book of Revelation. First, there is the second coming of Christ to this world, and second, there the is invited coming of the world to Christ. The coming of Christ to this world is delayed among other reasons so that all the world may hear His gracious invitation.

The Lord is coming to this world again, but before He comes there goes out an invitation to “come” to the world.

“Come” seems to be a favorite of God. Jesus invited people to “COME AND SEE,” “COME AND DRINK,” and “COME AND REST.” “Come” is the word that echoes with sweet music in every part of the Bible? What was the word that God spake to man before He destroyed the earth with a flood? What is the word that prophets and apostles like to pronounce? What is the word that brought Peter to Jesus? What is the word that was so often upon the lips of Christ? What is the word that He spoke to little children, and to the weary and the heavy laden? What is the word which, obeyed, awakens joy among the angels in heaven? What is the word which, disobeyed, brings sorrow to the heart of Christ? “Come” is the word that brings the Bible to a close.

“Come” is the first word learned by a baby, for even before the sounds of articulation can be recognized, a baby understands the meaning of the outstretched arms of its mother. It is so simple, a child can understand it; it is so profound, that even the wisest of men can’t ridicule its message.

Let us look at this last invitation before the closing of the book of the Revelation.

I. Observe the persons designated

To whom is the come addressed? The persons addressed are designated by two descriptions: they are “athirst” and those that “will.”

A. The word “athirst” designates the craving

There is a universal need stamped upon men. There is a universal void in the heart of man.

Nothing this world has to offer can permanently satisfy that thirst in the heart of man. This world promises satisfaction, but it deceives.

Many did not know what ails them. They recognized the gnawing discontent, the utter restlessness, and the continual feeling after something more than they have, but they do not know where to turn.

Until you come to Jesus Christ, you will dwell in a dry and thirsty land.

B. The word “will” designates the choosing

The second description of the persons to whom the summons comes is “whosoever will.”

We are brought face to face with a strange fact that men consumed with thirst will turn away their wills from the merciful call of God. Wishing to be delivered from the gnawing restlessness of a thirsty heart and to be satisfied is one thing. Willing to accept the satisfaction that Christ gives is another thing. None go to heaven by chance, but they all go through choice.

WHOSOEVER WILL. It has to do with the will. Some may say that they do not understand the plan of salvation. It has very little to do with the understanding but it has everything to do with the will. The appeal goes not to the understanding but to the will. The will often puts a bridle on the understanding and turns men away from Christ.

If you are willing, He is willing. There is no barrier between sinner and Saviour except the individual will (choice). God never burglarizes the human will.

WHOSOEVER WILL. It is not whosoever is worthy. It is whosoever will. WHOSOEVER is a big word. WHOSOEVER does not exempt any. The invitation is broad. WHOSOEVER WILL. Men may die and go to Hell without Jesus Christ, but they will not die and go to Hell without salvation being extended to them.

1. It Speaks Of All Classes Of People.

God’s offer is to all classes.

2. It Speaks Of All Colors Of People.

3. It Speaks Of All Conditions Of People.

The whosoever wills go to heaven and the whosoever will nots go to hell.

Salvation is sufficient for whosoever but it is only efficient for the whosoever will.

II. Observe the provision depicted

“Water of life”

This is water which communicates life. It represents all that comes to men through Jesus Christ.

The rich man in hell wanted just a single drop to ease the torment of his thirst. When he was alive, he could have come and received eternal access to the river of life, but he never came. Now for all eternity, he must be tormented, with his cravings and longings forever not quenched.

Here is life eternal and deliverance from hell.

The “water of life” provides satisfaction of all desires, filling up every empty place in the heart, and meeting and answering all expectations.

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