Summary: Story of Issac - God’s promise and sense of humor

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Nov. 10th The Laughter of God

Ever have to wait a long time for an answer? Illness - spouse, direction - Baby?

This story is for you if you have ever lost the laughter

Sarai - woman without joy - scorn of community - topic of gossip

Being barren at 65 is bad enough - at 75 worse if living with a promise

Before we begin - are you willing to let God utterly and completely Surprise you?

Story line

Gen. 16:1-6 don’t try to make God’s plan happen - don’t settle with career, spouse, faith walk

Gen. 17:1-5 This is El Shaddai speaking God Almighty New name Abram to Abraham

Gen 17:10 Circumcision (Mark of the Body) Creation and Destruction linked together

Gen. 17:15 New name for Sarai - Sarah

Gen. 17:16-17 AND a baby (Abe laughs)

Gen. 17:18 "If only Ishmael"

Gen. 17:19-20 Promises to Isaac and Ishmael - both princes but covenant extended through Isaac

Paraphrase Gen. 18:1-15 - 3 men arrive, Sarah cook food,

Where’s Sarah? In the tent (eavesdropping)

Read aloud Gen. 18:11-15 What man can do vs. What God can do

Burn this into your heart "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"

3 men turn to go - BTW - Yes you did laugh (first time in a long time?)

Fast Forward Chapter 21:1-6

Vs. 6 God has brought me laughter - Surprise!

Fast forward again Gen. 22:1-2 13 years later? 30 years later?

Step ten Exchange of first born sons - Peace Child

Close with vs. Gen. 22: 15-18

Now both Sarah and Abe surprised

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