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Summary: the teaching explaing the Law and the account of Stephen and how he was affected by the law

The Law and one man’s account

For the past couple of Weeks in Bible Study we have been studying the book of Genesis, starting from Chapter by Chapter, from Dispensation by Covenant, from Time period by promises. We discovered and embarked on a whole new outlook of the bible from the knowledge that laid darmented inside of the Book of Genesis. We have discovered that Adam was the 1st man and the Father of Man. How God wanted to make a new Nation, who would have his favor, which would be conditional by faith

We went on and found out that, this 1st nation with the Favor was the Nation Who tried to make a name for them selves, by building a tower to see the one who gave them favor in Genesis 11. The Tower Name became the tower of Babel and the Nation became known as The Gentiles.

God then started over like he started with a new nation, he made a newer nation who had favor on their lives. He change their daddy or spiritual Father and called them the children of Abraham, Now This man Abraham later became known as the Father of Faith and His children became known and goes by such names as the children of Isreal, the Jews, the Chosen Generation

*Explain*These 3rd children (Jews) wanted to separated themselves, from the 2nd children (Gentiles), who was separated from the 1st children (sinful nation) by God. The cause was the flood.

*Explain* but the 3rd Children (Jews) who separated themselves from the 2nd children (Gentiles) by something called the Law

So it’s own befitting for our first question be, what is the law?

The law has to definition

1. a binding custom or practice of a community

2. rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as a binding or enforced by a controlling authority

We see one word that keep pop up in both definitions, that word is binding (binding custom and binding or enforced by a controlling authority

Binding has a root word of Bind, meaning to confine, restrain, or to restrict, see the Jewish Nation Confined, restrained, and restricted the GentilesBy using there legal authority to enforce something that would give them more authority then the Jews that why Paul dealt so much on the Law.

Turn to authority Romans 3:19-24

The Law is an orderly system of rules and regulations in which a government governs the society.

Govern mean ruler or to rule even though they don’t have sovereign power or complete power. Remember the only one who has complete power is God. But In the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament, God dealt with these people trying to enforce there own law and called it law code compared to the biblical law

Law Codes

Law Codes was common among the countries of the ancient world. These law codes generally began with an explanation that there idle god gave the king the power to reign, along with a pronouncement about how good and capable the king was because the god appointed him to be king (this code was the for the king self gratification). This Law Codes allowed the King to used his limited power to govern or control his people with a system of rules and regulations called laws

The Biblical law

The biblical laws, was different from other ancient near eastern law codes in several ways. Throughout the ancient world, the laws of most nations were believed to originate with the idle gods of the time, but they were considered intensely personal and subjective in the way they were applied. Even the gods were under the law, and they to could suffer punishment if they violated the law that the king implemented unless, of course, they were powerful and able to conquer the punishers who would have inflicted the punishment. Understand since the idle gods wasn’t real they had no power and couldn’t inflicted any pain. But the king ruled under the god whose temple and property he oversaw inflicted the pain to the people.

Although he did not have to live under a written law code if he didn’t wanted to, Therefore, laws were decided ultimately case by case and at the king’s discretion. For most of a king’s lifetime, his laws were kept secret.

But By contrast, the biblical concept was that law comes from God, issues from His nature, and is holy, righteous, and good. Furthermore, at the outset of God’s ruling over Israel at Sinai, God the great King gave His laws. These laws were binding on His people, and He upheld them.

Furthermore, God’s laws were universal. Ancient oriental kings often tried to outdo their predecessors in image, economic power, and political influence. This was often their motivation in setting forth law codes. However God dictates His law as an expression of His love for His people

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