Summary: When earthly demand is effective,divine supply is sure.

Miracles and Testimonies in the kingdom of God do not happen accidentally. They are made to happen. In short: they are by-products of spiritual transactions

Matt 7:7 (Williams Trans)

Keep on Asking Keep on knocking …

Demand is different from desire .Desire is different from your wish.

To wish means To be interested in miracle, in a particular testimony without doing anything to call it down.

To Desire means To have a heart cry, to really want it.

To Demand – Is to add continuous prayer to intensive desire. To do all that it takes. We can safely say Desire plus Action equals Demand

Everyone in Israel wish that somebody will bring Goliath down.

Saul and his soldiers desire victory and were not giving up on the battle field,but David demanded for the head of Goliath.

At the end David got the victory and the testimony.

Testimony belong to “demanders”

David didn’t fear. He disregarded discouragements and demanded for the head of Goliath

Demand will overcome any obstacle. Ruth and Orpha were to follow Naomi out of Moab. While Orpha stopped, Ruth stubbornly said where you go, I will go.

Elisha didn’t only ask for the double portion of Elijah’s anointing in II King 2, he sought and knocked

Elijah was moving around, Elisha did not get tired. Chariot of fire came, he was not moved. Horses of fire wanted to separate them – he didn’t run. He made sure he saw him

Remember Matt 9:20-22

The problem of that woman was called “Issue of Blood” – Knowing that Life is in the Blood,it means the illness is a life threatening issue!

What issue is threatening your life, Biz, Child?

It was 12years – long time. Every one knew her. She was in shame. She has lost her glory, she must have lost her husband. Now she is alone, no company, no lover, and no companion.

She came behind:- That means Jesus had passed her place. She was left behind! Everybody had received their miracles except her remaining

Does it look as if you have missed your opportunity? Relax,you can still make it.

If fact when Jesus passed may be she was singing

=> Pass me not O Gentle savior

Hear my Humble cry

while on other thou art calling.

Do not pass me bye

BUT NO – Jesus didn’t look at her direction

She must have heard of the story of Zacchaeus: how Jesus called him by his name. Probably she was expecting a similar situation but it didn’t happen

And Jesus passed-- then she was in between 2 opinions

The Devil was saying – it’s over. Jesus has forgotten you, your problem is too big for God

But the Holy spirit was saying – “it’s not over until it is over”

“Your chance is not gone you can still reach Jesus”

Look! Jesus can never forget you

Your problem is big, so your miracle can be big.

…Then she moved closer to Jesus.

Thank God she moved Toward Jesus.

Friends it’s your turn to pursue Jesus. Jesus said “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden I will not give you rest.”

John 7:37

In the last day that great day of the feast Jesus stood and cried saying if any man thirst let him come unto me and drink He that believeth on me as the scripture that send out of his belly..

If you will pursue Jesus, you can’t be put to shame

Matt 9:20- She touched Jesus: that is demand

You can’t touch heaven and not be touched. Verse22

Jesus Turned

When Jesus turns to you, you can go and sleep. Your miracle is settled.

He turned to Bartholomew, he saw

He turned to Zacchaeus, joy came

He turned to Lazarus, the grave opened

He turned to Jairus, his daughter lived

He turned to Peter, his net became full

When Jesus turned she was still there standing!

“Having done all stand”

She observed the Law of demand

She didn’t ask and disappear

She didn’t seek and run away

She didn’t knock and turn back

She stood waiting for her miracle

And because she demanded supply came.I see you receiving your supplies in Jesus name!

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