Summary: The wisdom of the due season lies in understanding that due seasons always come. The problem is not when LORD, the issue is making sure that you are prepared when your appointed time shows up.

Sermon by Prophet Dr. Ezra Aniebue

Title: The Laws of Manifestation

Foundational Statements:

The wisdom of the “Due Season,” lies in understanding that “Due Season,” always comes. It always comes because it is a law. Don’t spend time worrying about whether GOD’S WORD will come to pass in your life; instead, spend time preparing for the promise. The WORD must come to pass because it a law. Meanwhile, if you are not prepared when the WORD shows up you will miss the promise. Focus on preparing yourself for the manifestation of the promise. Mention the lesson from the Parable of the Ten Virgins…….

The presence of pressure and stress concerning the manifestation of GOD’S promise in a life of a Christian is an indication of two things: (a) Lack of preparedness and (b) Partial understanding of GOD’S law of spiritual manifestation.

Scriptures supporting the foundational statements: Gal. 6:9; Titus 1:3;

1 Peter 5:6; Matt. 21:41; Heb. 6:9; Hab. 2:1-4; 2 Peter3:1-9; Isa. 40:31; Matt. 25:1-13.


Lack of preparedness

In Galatians chapter 4: 1-4, the Bible makes it clear that GOD will not give any breakthrough to any Christian who is not prepared. From GOD’S perspective, preparation expedites the manifestation. The manifestation is set for an appointed time; but one can miss the Divine Moment due to lack of preparation.

When you focus on the promise instead of preparation, the promise will become a god, an idol in your life. 1 Cor. 10:14. Mention the pressure that comes from worshipping idols…………

Genesis 35:1-4 says in my paraphrase, when GOD gets ready to bless you, HE will tell you to remove all of your idols. If you remove your idols and see the face of the promise without preparation it will be devastating indeed. It could be an unpleasant experience because you will be looking at what you waited so long for, now you can’t have it all because you talked about it, cried about it, but are not ready for it…! Remember this, if GOD gives you a blessing that you are not ready for, the devil will simply take it from you…


The 4 Laws of Spiritual Manifestation

One of the ways that GOD manifests HIS promises is by using the following four principles that can be found in the book of Genesis:

1. Genesis 1:1 – when GOD wants to do something great in your life, HE will give you the big picture. For example in Genesis 12, GOD wanted to bless and increase Abram, so HE gave him the big picture. (The What/Event)……….

2. Genesis 1:5- GOD establishes the time frame for the manifestation of the big picture (The Time/When)……..

3. Genesis 1:9 – GOD outlines the where of the big picture (Space/Where)…….

4. Genesis 1:26 – GOD explains the how of the big picture

(The How/Soul)……..

Addressing the problem:

A lot of Christians are very excited about the big picture but they don’t wait for the where, when, and how. In their quest to succeed for themselves instead of GOD’S Kingdom, the devil hits them with the when question………

The issue that people forget is that GOD does not bless us outside of blessing HIS kingdom. Everything that GOD does is a kingdom work………… You can’t chase the blessing while forgetting the BLESSER, and you can’t claim the promises and get the manifestation while you are breaking HIS principles……


Genesis 1:26. The ability to dominate, the possession of GOD’S spiritual manifestation, is only based on relationship, Joshua 1:8, obedience, Deut. 28:1-2, and preparation, Ezra 7:10………………………..

Caution: Don’t get bitter, GOD is simply getting you ready for the promise.

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