Summary: Wiating for God to move on us

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The Lord’s Test

I woke up this morning and knew that today, the sun would not be shining and the clouds would be gray. As I stepped outside, rain fell upon my head. My car wouldn’t start so I walked to school instead. I forgot all of my assignments I failed all of my tests. I dropped my head in disgust and asked the Lord for one request. "Lord, why is it that things won’t go my way?" He gently replied, "Dear child it is because you didn’t thank me yesterday. I woke you up and enabled you to see the sun again. I gave you shelter, protected your family, and even let you make a new friend. I blessed you far greater than I ever had before. But you were too busy to thank me once more. You didn’t feel sick because I maintained your health. You had money in your pocket because I maintained your wealth. You had shoes on you feet and clothes to wear, too. You had plenty of food to eat, and what did you do? You ignored me and went about your tasks. But when you wanted something, you never hesitated to ask. I was there when you needed me and that wasn’t too long ago. But when things started going your way, it was me you did not know. As if that weren’t enough, I provided your favorite luxuries. This was something I didn’t have to do-they weren’t even necessities. And when it was time to get on your knees and show your gratitude, you decided that after such a fulfilling day, you weren’t in the mood. So I decided to give you just a little test. To show you how it would feel to stop being blessed." I began to realize what the Lord was saying. And when I got home, I fell to my knees and started praying. He said, "My child, you have learned and you know I do forgive. But remember to remember this day as long as you shall live. I love filling your life with joy, and your pain I’ll alleviate it. But just a simple thank you would show how much you appreciate it."

In our world today we have leaders that are great and have been a good influence on the world we live in. The Pope is gone now and they are looking for a new leader. Every four years we in America go to the poles to elect a new leader of our country. Each year in our church we elect leaders to serve on the board. We are in need of leaders for many areas of our lives. The leaders that are chosen last for a time period and have to be replaced. The disciples were in a period after the Lord had been resurrected. They witnessed Him coming alive and had seen His resurrected body 12 times in a forty day period. He was alive but had ascended back to heaven and was no longer on the earth. They were looking for new leadership to guide them as they lived for Christ. In the spiritual world in which God reigns Supreme we have leadership from Him as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When Jesus left he gave these orders. Acts 1:4, LK 24:49. The disciples at this time were having problems that they needed help with. Peter had denied the Lord and had confessed he loved him. James and John were still thinking about positions in the kingdom. The other disciples had problems with their spiritual lives. They needed power and a Leader to help them in what Jesus had left them to do. I ask you today who you look to for guidance in your life. I know we all have situations and circumstances that we have the ability to choose one way or

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