Summary: What example will we leave the next generation of Christians to follow?

I. David had a personal Goal Psalm 27:4

A. Deliberate Passion

B. Daily Passion

C. Discerning Passion

1. Behold

2. Enquire

II. David had a goal for His Family

A. He Gave Solomon the Purpose - 1 Ch 22:11-12

1. God is With You

2. God will Help You

B. He Gave Solomon the Plans -1Ch 28:11-13

C. He Gave Solomon Provision

D. He Gave Solomon a Promise - 1Ch 28:20

E. He Gave Solomon a memory of Prayer - 1Chr 29:19-20

1. We must pray

2. We must pray for our families

3. We must pray for our church

F. He Fed Solomon’s Passion for God - 1 Chron 22:12

1. Solomon’s asking 2Chr 1:8-10

2. Solomon Built – 2Chr 32-3

III. David had a Goal for the House of God

A. David’s Desire - 1 Chron 22:7

B. David’s Disappointment - vs. 8

C. David’s Devotion - vs. 14

D. David’s Determination - 1 Chron 29:1 3

1. Determined to prepare the Next Generation -

2. Determined to be a part of God’s Work in His life and beyond

3. Determined to show his love for God’s Work

Conclusion: What will the next generation build with what we leave behind?

Will they serve because they watched those before them serve?

Will they give because those before them were faithful to give?

Will they pray because they know we pray?

Disclaimer: A man once told me that if it is true, it is not new. If it is new, it is not true. We all know there is nothing new under the sun. With that said, I glean ideas for my sermons from God’s Word, my own thoughts and work, and many other sources. Any similarity to my sermons and others, where credit is not given, is either coincidental, or an unintentional mistake on my part. As none of us have a corner on the wisdom and teaching of God’s Word, it is my desire that any of my outlines be an encouragement, a help, and hopefully a motivation for others to preach God’s Word clearly. Please feel free to use any portion of my sermons if they can be of help to you and your ministry. I purposely include a skeleton outline, and not my full text, for this purpose. It is all for His Glory.

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