Summary: It is wise to realize that our years are limited in this earth and someday, God will call us home. And so, we must gain a heart of godly wisdom and leave behind a good memory or a good legacy for others to remember us by.

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Billy Graham in his latest book, Nearing Home" wrote: I will soon celebrate my ninety-third birthday, (he is now 97)

and I know it won't be long before God calls me home to heaven.

More than ever I look forward to that day when the Lord calls me home because I know that finally all the burdens and sorrows

that press down upon me at this stage of my life will soon be over.

During the last year, the physical ailments common to old age really have taken their toll on me.

I also look forward to that day because I will be reunited with Ruth, my beloved wife for almost sixty-four years,

who went home in 2007 to be with the Lord.

Someday, our life's journey will be over. In a sense, we are all nearing home.

I pray that you and I may not only learn what it means to grow older but, with God's help,

also learn to grow older with grace and find the guidance needed to finish well."

This is again a good reminder for all of us that this is not our home.

The Psalmist David prayed to the Lord in Psalm 90:12(NIV) "Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

There are many people who are not ready to think about the number of days left in their lives.

They thought they would live forever.

That is wrong thought.

We will not live forever.

Our soul will live forever but not our physical body.

That is why it is wise to realize that our years are limited in this earth and someday, God will call us home.

And so, we are advised to gain a heart of godly wisdom and leave behind a good memory or a good legacy for others to remember us by.

And so, what kind of legacy are you leaving behind?

It was said that the former Philippine President Marcos many years before he died was very much concerned about

how he would be remembered by his own fellow Filipinos before he died that he did everything possible to leave a

mark even to the point of creating a big facial bust made of 30 meters concrete in Mt. Pugo, Baguio City.

But we all know that all of his past accomplishments have been overshadowed by his dictatorial spirit and created a backlash for the

Filipino people that they began to hate his legacy.

Many years ago, there were those who had this bust blown out.

It was actually destroyed in December 2002.

Such a waste of money and effort.

Even after many years of his death, there is even a great rejection for his remains to be buried in the "Libingan ng mga Bayani."

You see, we leave behind not monuments of stone but lasting memories in the hearts and minds of people we associate with.

And that legacy is developed by the way we interact or associate with them.

Here in these verses, we find Samuel about to retire from the more active duties of his office as prophet and judge of Israel.

He has served Israel all his life.

And so, before he will finally retire in public, he wanted to find out what kind of legacy they will remember him by.

How did they look at his past performance before their very eyes?

And so, one day, he stood before the people and opened his life to be scrutinized so that he will know what they think about him.

He knew that he had faithfully served the Lord in the temple and had been obedient to God's voice all his life.

He calls God as his witness that he has a clear conscience above all.

I wonder, if you too can look back at your life right now, and you can say that your conscience is clear that you have served the Lord faithfully as well as these years?

Did you fulfill your responsibilities properly?

Are there any misgivings in your part?

Some people have been so preoccupied building their careers, working on their dream homes so that they can enjoy their twilight years.

Others spend all their energies in things that will not last for eternity.

But regardless of what you do, I hope and pray that when you stand before God, your conscience is clear.

As you reflect on your life and look back at the past, you can rightfully smile and be grateful to the Lord for the many opportunities you had to serve Him.

And you are assured that you have used all your time, talents and resources in God's service.

Because there is great comfort derived when people remembered our godly character, our legacy and the godly example we left behind.

Here in these chapter 12, we will study three things that Samuel decided to leave behind as his legacy to Israel.

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