Summary: Do we really consider the life of the lost?


By: Dr. Dennis Deese

JOHN 4:1-30

There are two perspectives of life I believe Christians are prone to ignore or are simply too detached from. The troubling life of the lost and the blessings and spiritual resources that are available to us in our painful (common to the lost) experiences that the lost don’t have.

John 12:47 And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.

I. THE PAINS SHE EXPERIENCED (she had no solution for her pain. They were deep seated and rooted. The Christian has the solution)

Just one of the pains is enough much less having to deal with all of these and especially at one time.

A. Insignificance 4:7a “to draw water” this was unfulfilling, a vain task in one respect. The same thing she’d always done.

B. Loneliness 4:7s “a woman”

C. Fear 4:6c “the sixth hour” noon, very hot - with hopes nobody else would be there.

D. Rejection 4:9 “Woman of Samaria”

E. Bitterness 4:9 “thou being a jew”

F. Emptiness 4:10 “if thou knewest”

G. Guilt 4:17-18 “I have no husband”

II. THE PERSON SHE ENCOUNTERED 4:7 (the Master Soul Winner)

This was her God appointed blessed day 4:4

A. He went to her 4:4 Why?

1. Obedience

2. Concern

B. He witnessed to her

1. He initiated the conversation 4:7

2. He compassionately understood her lost condition 4:10

3. He shared the fulfilling eternal life of God 4:14

4. He led (He didn’t force) her to confess her need 4:17 (she tried to divert the issue 4:20)

III. THE POSSESSION SHE ENJOYED (eternal life, Jesus Christ, God’s gift)

She enjoyed it because of the change in her:

A. Priorities 4:28 “left her water pot”

B. Attitude 4:28 “saith to the men”

C. Purpose 4:29, 39

D. Destination 4:42 “Savior of the world”

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