Summary: To share that life is much like an un-used juggling bag. We need to allow God to pick us up and create in us much more to be what we were intended to be

The Lifeless Juggling Bag

Scripture: Psalm 73: 23-24 Date: 8 July 2012

Purpose: To share that life is much like an un-used juggling bag. We need to allow God to pick us up and create in us much more to be what we were intended to be.

Without God directing us in life we are very much like this juggling bag. We are lifeless, un- moveable; we just sit there doing nothing for our lives or for any life around us. We will never accomplish anything and be what God created us to be. We will never make an impact in this world.

Start Juggling:

But even when we do allow God to move us we sometimes collide with others don’t we? But we must allow God to pick us up and get us back into the juggling act of life and move on.

But what is it that keeps us pressed down? What keeps us from allowing God to pick us up and to toss us into the juggling act of life?

I have noticed in my short, young life a few things that I feel can affect our spiritual journey in this world and I have noticed that it is because of our own selves that we seem un movable. Our un-forgiveness, our grudges, our pride and yes even our laziness keeps us from soaring with God.

We love to blame our downfalls on others. We say things like, “If he or she didn’t rub me the wrong way we would of or could of.” we say it is because of others in this world that we are the way we are, because of them is why I am no longer doing the will of God.

Sometimes in life and yes more often than not, we get bumped into by others that throws our lives of track, and we fall down and instead of allowing God to pick us back up we simply settle for staying put wherever we have fallen.

JUGGLING Illustration: Juggling is much like life isn’t it? Sometimes we feel as if we are going in circles, doing the same thing day in and day out, going only in the same direction. Life becomes dull and boring and we many times get dizzy. In order for us to come alive, we need to switch things up and throw a little flare into our daily lives in order to stay excited about life in general.

But you may ask, “How can I get out of the same routine of living life day by day really going nowhere and feeling as if I am in-effective for Christ?”

First of all, I believe that we must take chances in life.

We need to step out of the box, out of our comfort zones so to speak and try to do things we wouldn’t normally do.

Take a chance; take a risk and trying something new. You may be surprised at what you are capable of doing if given the chance.

JUGGLING Illustration: Get a volunteer to come up and give them a crash course with simple juggling.

How will you ever know what you can do if you never give it a shot? This is how God works in our lives. He may be calling to us to try something new but we allow our insecurities, fears, and Satan’s whispers to keep us from moving forward.

We may try something and fail miserably, but we cannot allow our fear of failure to stop us from trying.

God has given each of us His promise that he will be with us, He will hold our hand and guide us even during the dark times, He is with us.

Psalm 73: 23-24 Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right and. 24 You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory.

In life many times we stumble and we feel the pains of going on. Keeping our heads above water is difficult and very tiring but we cannot allow our flesh to stop us in our tracks, we need to place our faith in God and believe with all our heart that He knows what he is doing when he opens the door to a new opportunity for us.

Sometimes we see those opportunities before us and tell ourselves that it is an impossible feat. We don’t think that we could ever make it happen, because we don’t believe in miracles and because we place too much belief in ourselves rather than on God.

In juggling we see tricks that we think is amazing, we see other people do them and we still look at it with disbelief and we tell ourselves that we could never accomplish it ourselves.

JUGGLING Illustration: Check this out: How many of you believe that I can pass my arm through as I juggle these two bags in one hand?

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