Summary: Jesus taught of the POWER of the light, the PLACES of the light, the PUTTING OUT of the light, and the PURPOSE of the light. Link included to formatted text, handout, and PowerPoint Presentation.

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The Lights of the World

Matthew 5:14-16

Ye ARE the light of the world…Ye ARE the salt of the earth. In the original language these statements are in an emphatic tense, meaning it would not be wrong at all to say “you and you alone are…” [meaning Christians]

The beatitudes were all about the character qualities we’ll possess as we are conformed to the image of Jesus. Then 2 illustrations follow which help us to understand the practical application of such to the world around us. We are to be salt that penetrates and light that radiates.

Last time we saw how salt irritates, makes you thirsty, seasons and flavors, and preserves.

We live in a darkened world, and we were left here to disseminate light into the darkness!

Jesus said this during His ‘greatest of all time sermon’ there on that hillside…to the disciples. Now, you’ve never seen a more common group of guys, by the world’s standards, than this group. So ordinary, and very, extremely unimportant, humanly speaking of course. When Jesus said they were the light of the world, it was in spite of the fact that it was the Greeks who were known world-wide for their superior knowledge, architecture, art, and philosophy. Aristotle, Plato and Socrates had already given their teachings centuries before Jesus told this unassuming group of men that THEY were the light of the world! And Jesus is saying that to all His followers, inc. us today. It makes me wanna lift up my head and realize what a grand and glorious thing it is to be a Christian and a child of the King!

Light, much like salt, is a miracle. Last time we saw how salt is comprised of 2 poisons that kill, but mixed together they are ordinary salt. And so the Christian life is a miracle as we were poisoned w/ sin and sentenced to death, but then Jesus’ death mixed w/ our death sentence and combined to form redemption!

Light is also miraculous. It’s almost impossible to define light…it’s a mystery. Webster’s Dictionary will tell you that ‘light is that which makes it possible to see.’ Thanks so much!

Joke—2 guys were carpenters, and 1 always was teasing the other, not repudiated to be very smart. One night he shined his flashlight up to the 2nd story of a house and said, ‘would you mind climbing up this light beam and get my hammer for me?’ The nitwit said, ‘hah, how dumb do think I am?’ ‘I’m sorry,’ he replied. ‘You’d better be, I know you too well…you’d let me get halfway up and then turn the light off!’

The Bible says that God is light. Intellectually that means the knowledge of God is light. Morally that means the holiness of God is light. Physically that mean the glory of God is light.

When Jesus says that we are the light of the world, it means God has deposited His nature inside of us, and we are to let it out. It’s in there! It just needs to be allowed to shine forth.

Christian, you aren’t the only person ever called ‘the light of the world.’ Who else? Yes, other Christians, but who else? Jesus!

John 8:12

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

So, Christ is in us, and we aren’t really, in and of ourselves, the light, but the light is in us!

PS: That’s further proof that the world is dark today…

John 9:5

[5] As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

Without Him, it’s a dark place, that is, unless He shines thru us!

4 Things About The Light:

1. The Power of the Light

v. 14 Like moths to a flame, this world is drawn to the light…it’s hard to resist…it’s part of man’s nature to seek out truth and fill the God shaped void in his heart.

Ill.—18th C. Enlightenment brought a resurgence of knowledge and learning. But it’s interesting that what the world called the enlightenment really produced more spiritual darkness than most any other century. In spite of much human ingenuity and progress, man still couldn’t answer the 3 most important questions of life:

• Where did I come from?

• Why am I here?

• Where am I going?

That’s not light, it’s darkness, and people are sucked in like a black hole, having no direction, not knowing where their life is headed, unless a beacon appears on a hillside, a lighthouse I say, showing them the way! And if only you can answer those 3 questions, then it matters not if you never even passed grade school, you have more light than all the enlightened PhD’s in the world!

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