Summary: Through this message we will look into the three events that took place during, "The Lord’s Miracle At Lazarus’ Tomb."

John 11:21-27; 38-44

The Lord’s Miracle At Lazarus’ Tomb

A. The Demand Before The Miracle

a. The Savior’s request

(vv. 38-39a)

b. The sister’s reluctance (v. 39b)

c. The Savior’s reminder (v. 40)

B. The Declaration Before The


a. Jesus praises His Father for

understanding the problem

(v. 41)

b. Jesus praises His Father for

hearing the prayer (v. 42a)

C. Jesus praises His Father for

fulfilling the promise (v. 42b)

C. The Determination During The


a. Jesus speaks His faith (v. 43)

i. He calls unto the Lord

ii. He cries out to Lazarus

iii. He commands Lazarus to

come out of the grave

b. Jesus shares His faith (v. 44)

i. Preach about God’s miracles

ii. Pray for God’s miracles

iii. Praise God for His miracle

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