Summary: In all that we face in life, the Lord will stand with us!

I. There are those who will stand AGAINST us (14)

Paul here mentions that there are those who stand against him! That is that some will rise up and seek to hurt us and our testimony for the Lord! We must be aware! John 15:18

Alexander the coppersmith

- Did him much evil!

- Greatly withstood Paul’s preaching

- Powered by Satan

a. They stand against us, because we are dogmatic!- 1 way to Heaven

b. They stand against us because sometimes we are detrimental to their plans! (Alcohol vote in Glasgow)

c. They stand against us, because our beliefs differ! Abortion, Gay marriage, 10 Commandments, Prayer in School etc.

II. There are those who will stand AWAY from us (16)

Paul then mentions that there are those that will move away from us when troubles and tribulation come! Men fled from the situation! Men forsook Paul! Demas!

Not everyone that comes through these doors will stand with us!

a. John 6:67

b. 1 John 2:19

c. Some cannot take the heat! Some cannot face the fire! Some just want to belong; some just want to feel good about them selves.


Some will not come to our church! They will stand with us until the going gets rough!

They will move away because of the:

a. Conviction they feel, convictions we are founded on

b. Called on to take an active part, not to be comfortable!

III. There is one who is ALWAYS standing beside us! (17)

That word notwithstanding is used today as the word DESPITE! What a blessing it is to know that the Lord is standing with us! Despite what the world says! Despite what the world thinks! Despite what the world does! Genesis 28:15, Deut 20:1 Josh. 1:5

a. Power

b. Protection

c. Preservation

d. Promotion

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