Summary: God calls to provide our needs.

John 21: 1-14 The Lord Wants to See You!

Here we find 3 appearances of the Lord.

1st 2 meetings were surprises- Both were phenominal events.

1 – Discovered His Resurrection Power (Salvation)

We find this in our conviction.

2 – Discovered His Loving Plan (Those who did not see)

We find this in our acceptance.

3rd time – The Disciples found His everyday appearance

there was no or little direction at this time

So, why were they going fishing? Why not waiting for the rest of His orders?

Divine intervention?

Spiritual direction?

They were hungry – we too must live in the world. We must work, rest, eat, relax, plan, etc. However, we must allow Him to intervene in this life. This is an everyday thing.

It is pinnacled on Sundays.

Heb. 10:25 "not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some...." NASB

You see our involvement in His Eternal plan brings us into the Kingdom.

However, it is our day to day meetings that secures our temporal needs.

This meeting is very special.

1. God poured out a blessing - the fish

They had been out and caught nothing

- We cannot gain any true blessings from our endeavors.

2. Peter prepared himself for God’s blessing vs. 7

- made himself His best!

- threw himself into the sea

(Great desire to see the Lord) - Our Worship?

3. Jesus not only gave a blessing for the coming days (catch) but an immediate feeding.

vs. 12 "Come and have breakfast" NASB

- The Raw fish cannot bring immediate satisfaction

- After being out in the dark world, come in and let God feed you.

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