Summary: Anything is short lived in life.Only the Lord is there for you always.When people,relatives etc forsake you God is there to receive you!

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“Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me.” Psalm 27:10

We all faced rejection and loneliness sometimes. Everything has its own time. You have been with many friends and relatives at a wedding party some time. You also have been all alone at home, with no one to talk to but yourself another time. There are times when your friends, relatives etc will be dying to be around you. There will also be times when they fight not to see you. You might be liked today but rejection will come one day. You might be feeling rejection right now. No one may seem to recognize you. People, relative’s friends, spouse, mate etc may look at you as if you do not exist. You are forsaken. You may be treated as if are a moving useless material. You may be viewed and talked of as a good for nothing person. Don’t worry, rejoice, be glad, start laughing, smile seven times, yell God is good, bid farewell to such a feeling, stop listening to such rubbish! The Lord will receive you!

Your husband/wife may abandon you for a small house girl/boyfriend, but the Lord will receive you. Your friends may abandon you because of bankruptcy, but the Lord will receive you. Your family members may shun you because of HIV/AIDS, but the Lord will receive you. Your boss may forsake you for promotion fit for you all the time, but the Lord will receive you. Your parents may chase you away from home because of religion, but the Lord will receive you. Your community may mock and cast you away because of your integrity/beliefs, but the lord will receive you. Your fiancée may leave you because of your refusal to fornicate, but God will receive you.

Don’t worry when rejection comes your way. Be glad God is coming to receive you. When your husband/wife leaves home God is coming. When all seems to ignore you God is listening to you. Don’t waste you time crying why that is happening to you. STOP complaining your creator has just jumped into your situation. Rejection is an alarm call to God to receive you.

Joseph the dreamer was rejected, cast into a pit, sold to the Egyptians, black mailed by Potipher’s wife for rape, sentenced to prison for more than three years. But God received him, jumped him through ranks from being a prisoner to a governor (equal to a Vice President).Ishmael Abraham’s son with Hagar was chased away by Sarah into the terrible, dry, dangerous, barren, hopeless place the desert. But God received him and promised to make unto him a great nation. Jesus Christ was rejected, mocked, and made fun of, crucified, pierced, beaten, and spitted on the face. But God raised Him from the dead and received Him into Glory, made Him to sit at His right hand, exalted His name. Today there is no name in the world highly exalted than the name Jesus Christ.

Its only when the farmer forsakes his beast, hen, sheep enough to slaughter it, will people get food to eat. It’s only when Christ forsook His life enough that we were all saved and our sins forgiven. When someone forsakes you, ask them to forsake you enough, God will receive you and in a great way. Its only when the doctors forsakes your sickness enough will you see the great miracle of healing. When sinful life forsake you enough ,when lust forsake you enough, when adultery forsakes you enough, when bad friends forsake you, when all evil material forsake you enough then God will receive you. God will receive you today and even in the life to come.

God will be like a net catching all the falling material not to hit hard on the ground. When you are forsaken its like being pushed through the window down the cement pavement. Don’t worry you will not hit the ground there is a net down there to receive you. When people abandon it’s like you are thrown out of the plane without a parachute. But be excited there is God to receive you.

Is someone, something forsaking you today. Start to thank God right now, start seeing God coming with wide open arms, God will receive you.

God bless you!

Written by Raphiel Manenge 04/04/05

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