Summary: To prove and show that GOD gave both gifts and increase for us, so acknowledge GOD in everything.

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Does GOD gave you gifts and increase?




To prove and show that GOD gave both gifts and increase for us, so acknowledge GOD in everything.


Hosea 2:8 (Amplified Bible)

2:8 For she has not noticed, understood, or realized that it was I [the Lord God] Who gave her the grain and the new wine and the fresh oil, and Who lavished upon her silver and gold which they used for Baal and made into his image.


Hosea 2:8 (King James Version)

2:8 For she did not know that I gave her corn, and wine, and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold, which they prepared for Baal.


Praise, worship and thank You very much LORD JESUS for You are the Source of my food, drink and anointing, and You gave me an increase of money and fair weather.


The LORD's gifts and increase for me


A. Author: Hosea, son of Beeri, contemporary of Isaiah and Micah

B. Date written: Approximately 755 B.C. to 710 B.C.

C. Purpose: To reveal God's unconditional love, especially illustrated in contrast to the sinful harlotry of His people.—Thompson Chain - Bible Book Outlines

D. To whom written: The Northern Kingdom (Israel)

E. Main Theme: Spiritual Message. Apostasy from God is spiritual adultery.—Thompson Chain - Bible Book Outlines

F. Key words: Unconditional love

G. Key verse: Hosea 3:1

Hosea 3:1 (Amplified Bible)

3:1 THEN SAID the Lord to me, Go again, love [the same] woman [Gomer] who is beloved of a paramour and is an adulteress, even as the Lord loves the children of Israel, though they turn to other gods and love cakes of raisins [used in the sacrificial feasts in idol worship].

H. Notable Passage: Hosea 14


A. The LORD's gifts upon me

"For she did not know that I gave her corn, and wine, and oil,"

The LORD's gifts are upon me, they are the following:

1. corn - Hebrew word: dagan - increase, grain, wheat

Deuteronomy 8:18 (Amplified Bible)

8:18 But you shall [earnestly] remember the Lord your God, for it is He Who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

2. wine - Hebrew word: tyrosh tyrosh - expulsion, Expulsion - the act of driving out or expelling. (Matthew 18:18) ; grape juice, or your drinks

Matthew 18:18 (Amplified Bible)

18:18 Truly I tell you, whatever you forbid and declare to be improper and unlawful on earth must be what is already forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit and declare proper and lawful on earth must be what is already permitted in heaven.

1 Corinthians 10:31 (Amplified Bible)

10:31 So then, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God.

3. oil - Hebrew word: yitshar - anointing, anointed (1 John 2:27)

1 John 2:27 (Amplified Bible)

2:27 But as for you, the anointing (the sacred appointment, the unction) which you received from Him abides [permanently] in you; [so] then you have no need that anyone should instruct you. But just as His anointing teaches you concerning everything and is true and is no falsehood, so you must abide in (live in, never depart from) Him [being rooted in Him, knit to Him], just as [His anointing] has taught you [to do].

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