Summary: God displays His people who will direct His work on earth during the Day of the Lord

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Revelation 14

Title: The Lord’s Response to Satan’s Evil Emissaries

Theme: His Righteousness Rules

Text: Revelation 14:1

I. The Lamb/Great High Priest and His Victorious Kingdom of Priests (v.1-5)

A. The Worship of God the Father before the Throne

B. The Witness of the Heavenly Chorus

C. The Wisdom of the 144 Thousand

II. Three Angels of Worship (v.6-11)

A. The Preaching of the Gospel/True Worship

B. The Proclamation of Judgment on False Worship/Babylon

C. The Warning to Beast Worshippers

III. The Presence of the Saints (v.12, 13)

A. Their Patience

B. Their Persecution

IV. The Son of man/Lord Jesus Christ/King/Judge Appears (v.14)

A. He Sat upon a Cloud

B. On His Head a Golden Crown

C. In His Hand a Sharp Sickle

V. The Three Angels of Judgment (v.15-19)

A. The Announcing Angel of Judgment/Reaping (v.15,16)

B. The Angel of Judgment with the Sharp Sickle (v.17)

C. The Announcing Angel of Judgment/Gathering (v.18)

D. The Angel of Judgment Gathers/Casts into Winepress (v.19)

VI. The Treading of the Winepress by the Lord Jesus Christ (v.20) [Isaiah 63:1-6]

A. Without the City/Jerusalem

B. With Mega-Blood Flow

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