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Summary: Outline of the text showing the sacredness of the Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper

I Corinthians 11:23-30

* The most important fact involved in the table of the Lord is, the Lord of

the table, it is His table, He sanctified it and suffered for it.

* The bread and wine are memorials not sacraments..

A sacrament is performed to obtain grace....

When a memorial takes place we have already received grace....

Vv 24 the word ‘brake’

The word brake entails ‘distribution’, ‘the giving out of’, showing to all that it is for everybody!!

"My body is broken for you’, means it was ’given’ in your behalf and broken so that it can be distributed among you,

With out it being broken it could not have been distributed out.

* This states to us that they just understood Him symbolically.

This bread is to your body, health as it also is to your spiritual body.

* Participation in the Lord’s Supper will surely produce a result,

A continual remembrance of the Lord for his satisfaction.

* This meal was to be separate from common meals, keeping the

sacredness of it.

Vv 25 the New Testament or covenant= the cup is the parchment-deed,

as it were, on which my new covenant is written and sealed.

The parchment: is the flesh in which the covenant was written on, the

flesh of Jesus

* The statement ‘in my blood’, could read, ‘by my blood’

Hebrews 9:12 says

Not by the blood of bulls, goats and calves, but by His own blood he entered in once into the holy place having obtained eternal redemption for us.

* We do this in remembrance of Him.

The old sacrifices brought sins remembrance to us, where here we look

to Jesus in remembrance of his sacrifice once and for all.

* Never to look back at our old sins, but to look in remembrance of what

He has done on the Cross with our sins.

* The purpose is this

#1. To look back.

For as often as ye do this.... Vv 26

#2. To look inward.

But let every man examine himself... Vv 28

#3. To look forward.

Till he comes... Vv26

Vv 26 the Lord’s death ought to always be fresh in our minds, the remembrance of him and what he has done, although he is absent from us bodily, he is spiritually with us.

Vv 27-29 notice this:

That the Lord’s Supper is only for believers...

Unworthy: Paul does not say “if any one is not worthy partakes" he

says ’if any one partakes in a unworthy manner’ = not saved

Saved saints of God, and them alone should be partaking in this service.

Paul says, whosoever is guilty of unworthy conduct is guilty of the

body and blood of Christ.

We must partake in both, not just one take of it all,

Bro. Larry Blackburn’s brother has said many times, “I can believe in the person Jesus Christ, the Father God, and even in the Holy Ghost”, “I just can not believe in the virgin birth of Christ”, unfortunately for him; it is either all or nothing

Damnation: the Greek word is translated ’ judgment ’ which is found for us in Vv 30

Vv 29 to fail to discern the Lord’s body is to fail to make distinction between the bread, (the Lord’s body) and common food.

Is to fail to evaluate the significance of the bread that we are about to partake of.

This is not common food; it is the broken body of Christ Jesus

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