Summary: Evalgelistic, expository, exegetical look at the familiar story of the woman at the well in Samaria.

You are familiar with the story of the woman at the well. Let’s take a fresh look at this "random" meeting from her side.

1) A Thirsty man: Jesus was tired and thirsty from His trip.

· How much is Jesus like us? Did Jesus suffer the things we suffer? Was Jesus tempted, even as we are tempted?

· The humanity of Jesus is as important as His divinity, or else He could never have been our substitute, advocate with God, our sin bearer. A non-human Christ is just as bad as a non-divine Jesus. Two inseparable natures in 1 person. "Hypostatic union"

· The woman saw a thirsty man, she was not expecting to get or give anything. Who is Jesus to you? Is He just a story?

2) A Jew: Surprised by his asking her for water, she notes that he is a Jew. Now she is talking to a hated Jew. Not only a Jew, but also a man. There were at least 2 walls seperating them: He was a Jew and he was a man, she was a Samaritain and a woman.

· Now Jesus tells her that she has a need that Jacob’s well will never satisfy. If only she knew who Jesus is, it would change everything. Do you know who Jesus is?

· Are you greater than our father who gave us the well? I will give you water springing up to eternal life. What makes you special? Is Jesus special to you?

3) A Rabbi: Go get your husband. I have no husband.

· Jesus upheld the sanctity of marriage. There is no command to get married, marriage is something special.

· In their law, Jews allowed for 2 divorces & 3 marriages. "No husband." Shortest reply possible. Don’t talk about my sin. Let’s do talk about it.

4) A Prophet: A-ha! So you are a prophet!

· So, let me ask you: where should I go to church?

· That does not matter. “True worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth.” Where and how we worship is less important than getting this right: Jesus is LORD.

· I believe in the coming Messiah. Jesus said "Ego, eimi." These are the same words Moses heard from the burning bush. Do you believe in the Messiah? Why? Why not?

5) The Messiah: "Come, see a man who told me all the things that I have done; this is not the Christ, is it?" John 4:29

· She told the whole town, and they come to see Jesus.

Inv: Can you believe in Jesus the Messiah? The woman at the well did. Maybe the question should not be "can you," but "will you?"

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