Summary: Bad Things can happen to Good People, but God can work all things together for GOOD!


A. The Book of Job describes a tremendous crisis in the life of a great man of God

1. It is a book that helps answer the lifelong question - "Why do bad things sometimes happen to good people?

2. Sometimes unconfessed sin can lead to great personal suffering

3. Other times, we may suffer because of the sins of others

4. Often-times, there is no simple and easy explanation, like here.

B. In the first part of the Book we see three things



A. Scene 1 - Job’s purity and prosperity 1:1-5

1. He was a faithful father who feared God and shunned evil

2. He had 7 sons and three daughters that he prayed for each day.

3. God had richly blessed Job with family, fame and fortune.

4. "He was the greatest man among all the people of the East"

B. Scene 2 - Satan’s proposition and God’s Permission to tempt Job.

1. Satan hated Job and wanted to lead him away from God.

2. He accused God of protecting and pampering Job to buy his faithfulness

3. Never underestimate what Satan will say or do to get you to turn your back on God.

C. Scene 3 - Satan’s persecution and Job’s patience

1. In one day Satan takes away everything that is important to Job

2. Imagine the utter devastation and despair he must have felt.

3. But in spite of his terrible losses, Job worships, and refuses to react in anger.

D. Scene 4 - Satan’s persistence and God’s permission

1. Satan doesn’t give up easily - He comes back and asks God for a second test.

2. He afflicts Job with painful sores all over his body.

3. His wife tells him to curse God and die, but Job holds firm in his faith.

4. We must do the same! In the midst of Satan’s attacks and wrong advice from family members - we must not quit! Job 2:10


A. ELIPHAZ- "Come Clean Job" 4:7-8; 15:5-6, 17-18; 22:5, 22-26

1. When Job wishes that he never had been born, Eliphaz tells him that God only destroys the guilty not the innocent.

2. He is the classic amateur ’doctor" who made a wrong diagnosis.

3. Much of what Eliphaz says is true - but does not apply to Job’s situation.

4. Eliphaz is more interested in being right than helping Job through his problems - something we too to watch out for today!

B. BILDAD - "You’re lying Job" 8:2,8,10;18:5-6,10,13; 25:6

1. Bildad brutally assaults Job with bitter words.

2. He not only accuses Job of sinning, but also his children too.

3. Vicious people, often masquerading as Christians, often attack when and where it hurts the most. We need to be kind, tenderhearted people Eph.4:32

C. ZOPHAR - "You’re hopeless, Job" 11:1,14; 20:4-5

1. This "friend" tells Job he is getting all he deserved and more.

2. If Job would only come clean, and the suffering would cease.

3. This man is heartless and doesn’t know what he is talking about.

4. A "mister know-it-all" who really knows nothing, and does not care about Job.

D. ELIIHU -"Let a young man speak" 32:6-9,12;33:16-18; 34:10-15, 36-37

1. He is going to straighten Job out. He is an arrogant young man.

2. All he has to offer are more vain and empty words.

3. James was right - be slow to speak, quick to listen, and not be so filled up with our own sense of pride and self-importance.

4. Elihu would have been better saying nothing, and showing more compassion and comfort to this older, wiser and better man.


A. Job had talked about needing an Umpire (9:33-34) & Advocate (16:19).

1. Now he says I KNOW that my redeemer lives

2. Job knew that one day he would be vindicated.

B. We need to have that same confidence that Job had

1. Christianity is a KNOW SO religion - II Tim.1:12

2. In the midst of Pain, problems and even persecution we have a redeemer, mediator and advocate called Jesus Christ who can redeem us from our sins,

and offers us a wonderful future. I John 2:1-2; 3:1-2

3. Lets look up and look ahead and know that our redeemer lives. I know, I know that my redeemer lives, I know eternal life. I know...II Cor.4:16-18


A. Let us fix our eyes on Him today - the One who suffered so much on the cross for our sins, sakes, and for our salvation. Isa.53:5 - “he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his

stripes we are healed” He got what we deserved - how we should be grateful!

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