Summary: Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure. When are we going to admit that we are responsible for our sin actions rather than shift the blame as did the first couple of Genesis. Let’s examine the facts together!

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We’d all like to say, "It was their fault..." We’re always looking for someone else to blame. Blame shifting is what we do best. No one wants to accept responsibility for their own actions. It’s has always been, "Someone elses fault..."

This isn’t something new either. It dates as far back as the Genesis account. It began in the Garden. Let’s see for ourselves how it all began and where it all should end.

Main Division

I. The Conversation Of The Subjects (3:1-5)

II. The Consent To Sin (3:6)

III. The Consciousness Of Their Sin (3:7-8)

IV. The Confronting Of The Sinners (3:9-13)

V. The Consequences Of Their Sin (3:14-24)

Conclusion: Now where do we go from here?

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