Summary: Do you believe in Jesus-He healed the sick, blind, deaf and raised the dead. Got any questions? Go to the Word!

The man they call Jesus

John chapter 9:1-12, 35-41


Not long ago a 29 year old man from Missouri named Chris Shaw won 258 million dollars in the power ball lottery. He bought it from a convenience store that he worked at. This man had 28.96 in his bank account. I don’t condone the lottery because most people just throw their money away. The people that need it most are the ones that play to win. I will say this, this man life will never be the same.

I want you to think about this man they call Jesus. I don’t care what is going on in your life, when you meet Jesus, your life will never be the same. It is impossible to meet Jesus and not respond. Some respond negative, want nothing to do with Jesus, and some respond positive and He rocks their world and changes their life forever.

John 9:1-12

I will read and then I will respond, and then we will read

v 35-41. So stay there for just a minute.

- we see Jesus walking with his disciples.

- They encountered a blind man from birth.

- disciples ask who’s fault is this Jesus? This man sinning or his parents?

- Jesus answers “This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.”

- Jesus spits on the ground/ makes mud pies and puts it on his eyes and tells him to go wash it off at the pool of Siloam.

- The beggar obeys and gets his sight.

-Close your eyes for a moment. How hard would it be for you to get around? Some of us do things so often, we probably could do without sight.

You could hit the alarm, you can go to the closet, but picking out your clothes would be a problem.

-Now imagine this blind beggar born from birth who could not see. He doesn’t know colors. He does not know what it is like to do things for

himself. He depends on people to help him and hope that they do not rip him off.

+He meets a man , who he can only hear, putting mud on his eyes, which probably scared him.

+He tells him to wash it off, which he needed somebody to go with him. And then he gets his sight. Not regained his sight, but for the first time is able to see things around him.His world is new and expanded.

+The Pharisee’s show up with all their righteous attitude and demand to speak to the blind man. How then were your eyes opened? The man they

call Jesus (Hallelujah) showed up and put mud in my eyes, I washed and now I can see.

+They say:

- he can’t be God- he did it on the Sabbath.

- can’t be from God- because he healed a sinner. A sinner so bad that he was blind from birth.

- they were divided on what they thought. They disbelief so much that they got his parents to verify.

- This your son?

-Was he born blind?

-How was he healed?

- I don’t know, I know he is my son, I know he was born blind, ask him yourself how he was given his sight.

+What do you say Mr. Blindman?

+What do you say about this Jesus?

+ He is a prophet.

+They got so upset at this blindman that they throw him out of their presence.

John 9:35-41

+Jesus addresses 2 issues in this man’s life.

++ This man was physically blind.

++ This man was spiritually blind. Jesus heals him of both.

-Spiritual blindness is where a person is not able to see who Jesus Christ really is.

-Spiritual blindness is not seeing that Jesus Christ can rock your world when He becomes your savior.

-Spiritual blindness is not seeing that Jesus Christ desires you to surrender your will to his will and accept the things that God wants for you.

-The disciples didn’t understand this- they walked with Jesus, see a blind man and ask Jesus who at fault for this mans blindness. Who did wrong?

-Jesus reveal His power here- every time Jesus perform a miracle, it was to show them that He was the Messiah, He was who He said He was.

-The disciples had a blind-spot in their lives.

++ Blind-spots are areas that you can’t see.

- If you’re driving, they can cause accidents. In our thinking, they can cause us to go down the wrong path.

++The Pharisee taught that someone must of sinned.

-Either you sinned in the womb, or your parents did.

-That’s crazy but they were taught this and they were superstitious.

2 things I want you to see in the passage.


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