Summary: Live with honor and make the effort to qualify for the prize.

II Peter 3:11-18

December 17, 2008

Pastor John L. Harper

Warden Assembly of God

“The Mandate of Christian Living”


I. MANNER OF LIVING (vs. 11-13)

A. Live with honor

1. Honor God with holy living

2. Honor God with godly living

B. Live in humility

1. Be humble as we look forward to the coming of the Lord

2. Be humble as we hold onto loosely our possessions

C. Look forward to your home

1. This world is not your home

2. Your home is a part of the new heaven and the new earth

3. Your home is where the righteous will live forever


A. Make the effort to qualify

1. Don’t be soiled with the filth of the world

2. Live your life in a blameless manner

3. Live in the midst of the peace of God

B. Make the effort to cooperate in the process of salvation

1. Embrace patience as God’s tool of molding your character

2. We must endure to the end

C. Make the effort to understand the scripture

1. Study the scripture for yourself

2. Don’t misinterpret scripture

3. Only ignorant people twist the scripture that leads to their own destruction.


A. Don’t’ let down your guard

1. Don’t accept less than scriptural authority

2. Don’t listen to those who distort the scripture

B. Don’t be carried away with error

1. Nice sounding words make the best lies

2. Know what you believe

3. Be firmly rooted in God’s Word

C. Don’t stop growing

1. Grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

2. Grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ

CONCLUSION: Live with honor and make the effort to qualify for the prize.

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