Summary: This sermon will show the listener how the word of God can and will effect their life and hoe the Power of can heal even the worst unclean spirits

The Maniac Who Became a Messenger

Mark 5:1-20


Jacob Koshy grew up with one goal on his mind: to be a success in life, to gain all the money and possessions he could. That led him into the world of alcohol, drugs and gambling, and eventually he became the lord of an international smuggling network.

In 1980, Jacob was arrested and placed in a government drug rehabilitation prison in.

He was frustrated, it was more than he could endure. All his goals, purposes, dreams, and ambitions were locked up with him in a tiny 6x12 cell, and his heart was cold, hard and full of emptiness.

He was a smoker, and cigarettes weren't allowed in the prison. So, he smuggled in tobacco and rolled it in the pages of a Gideon KJV Bible. One day he fell asleep while smoking. He awoke to find that the cigarette had burned out, and all that remained was a scrap of charred paper. He unrolled it and read what was written: gSaul, Saul, Why do you persecute me?h

Jacob asked for another Bible and read the entire story of the conversion of Saul to Paul. He suddenly realized that if God could help someone like Saul, God could help him, too. There in his cell he knelt and prayed, asking Christ to come into his life and save him and change him. He began crying and couldn't stop. The tears of a wasted life washed away his pain, and God redeemed him. He started sharing his story with the other Inmates, and as soon as he was released he became involved in a Baptist church. He met a Christian woman, married her, and is now a missionary where he tells people far and wide, gWho would have believed that I could find the truth by smoking the Word of God?h

In our text, we are presented with a man who had no ambition in life. He was as lost as a ball in high weeds and headed for Hell. Until Jesus come on the scene. On the way to Gadara, Jesus had demonstrated His power by calming the seas. Now, He will demonstrate His power over sin and Satan by claiming a sinner. Allow me to share with you the story as I preach on the topic of "The Maniac Who Became A Messenger." All I ask from you is that you allow the Lord the opportunity to speak to your heart and that you respond as He leads you today.

*** STAND *** READ *** PRAY ***

Mark 5:1-13:18-19

There is a few things that you need to know about this Maniac that led him to become a Messanger

I.) The Man's Condition (v. 1-7)

A. His Home (v. 3)

This man lived his life among the dead. He was a sad, lonely, hurting, longing, unloved, unwanted person!

Ë He is a picture of that person who is separated from God.

B. His Helplessness (v. 3-5)

He is a man who is out of control. Others had tried to help in his life, but they couldn't. His passions were stronger than his ability to control them. No man could change him. He was a man under the influence of the devil himself.

Ë Again, he is a picture of that lost person who is out of control and under the strong influence of sin.


Have you ever tried to help someone in their their life, but it seemes to do no good, it seemes to only create resentment and rebellion in the life of the person you are trying to help.

Ë That doesn't mean we should not pray, care or reach out to them, but we should not take it personally when they reject our efforts. Lost people are just what they are until Jesus changes them by His power!

C. His Hopelessness (v. 5)

Notice that his torment was continual. The bible says Day and night he cried out./ Day and night he was in a place of isolation./ Day and night he did his best to injure and harm himself./ What a pathetic scene Mark is telling us concerning this man and his lost condition. Surely he wanted a different life, but he just couldn't accomplish it by himself.

Ë So it is with the lost man. He may not understand why he is driven to drink, use drugs, curse, or whatever it is that he does. It is a lifestyle that he becomes so hopelessly trapped in that he is unable to free himself. He literally becomes a prisoner of his own vices. Every day brings with it more of the same pain and suffering. Every day drives the wedge between himself and God deeper and deeper. He has no way to free himself. Every day his torment grows. Every day, like a man struggling in quicksand, he falls deeper and deeper into the pit of isolation, wretchedness and entrapment.

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