Summary: In the Bible we clearly see the requirements for the manifestation of God’s glory. We will immediatly think that these requirements will be very difficult to fulfill. But as we will see it is actually very easy and simple if we are prepared to follow them

Job 37:14 – 24

We all know the story of Job how he has lost everything. His friends come to encourage him and start speaking about the wonders and greatness of God.

Job 37:21

Say that it is impossible for men to look into the sun and then vers 22 suggest that if this is true how more impossible it is to look into the glory of God.

Job 38:1 – 7

Then suddenly God starts to speak to Job and asks him if he were there when God created everything.

Job 38:7

From this vers it is clear that only the angels were there when God created everything. So the first creatures that God created were the angels and they were created for one purpose and that was to praise God; to sing together and shout for joy. So we need to understand that God tells Job how He has created everything and that He has created everything out of the praise and worship of the angels.

While they were praising and worshipping Him, He proclaimed let there be light!! Everything that has been created has been created out of worship.

Isaiah 6:1 – 4

Here again we find angels worshipping God and while they are worshipping God the glory of the Lord fills the earth and the house was filled with smoke (which symbolises the glory). So when the sound of the worship of the angels was heard the glory appeared.

So it is clear that praise and worship release the glory of God. The glory follows the worship and not the worship the glory. There must first be worship before we can have the glory.

In Exodus 33 & 34 Moses asked God to show him His glory. God said: I will call My Name before you and I will show you My goodness. Moses – show me Your glory. God says: I am merciful, slow to anger, quick to forgive and My goodness endures forever.

In Numbers 14:17 – 21 God is angry at the nation and wants to destroy them but Moses reminded God of His glory and God proclaimed that the whole earth will de filled with the glory of the Lord.

It seems to me that praise and worship has everything to do with the manifestation of the glory of the Lord.

The glory of God is all that God has and all that God is. It is the fulness of His goodness and when the glory appears there can be no sickness or problems or troubles because it can not exist in God’s goodness.

2 Chronicles 5:13

Leviticus 9:1 – 6

So we have seen 3 very important things so far.

1. Exodus 33/34 – God called His Name and the glory appears.

2. Isaiah 6 – the angels calls the Name of the Lord and the glory appears.

3. 2 Chronicles 5 – people calls the Name of the Lord and the glory appears.

Psalms 29:1 – 3

See what happens here: we give glory to God and then the God of glory appears.

So we need to understand that out of worship we give glory to God and in that glory God appears and His voice are there to create. Then the people will start to speak about and of God’s glory and God will blesses them with peace.

The angels brought glory to God and then the voice of God started to create everything. It seems as if God works in glory. Where the glory of God is, there God will create. The glory of God is manifested through a heart that is filled with true, passionate worship.

Thus we can say in a certain sense that we are creating the glory through our praise and worship and in this glory God can do creative wonders.

Psalms 22:3

AMP: But You are holy, O You Who dwell in [the holy place where] the praises of Israel [are offered]

The more we truly worship God; the more we proclaim that He is good and merciful, slow to anger and quick to forgive and His goodness endures forever, the more the glory of God will be manifested and the more God will speak a Word and create. The more I worship Him with a truthful heart and the more I seek His face passionately, the more His glory will appear and can He start to speak and create in my life.

Isaiah 43:7

AMP: Even everyone who is called by My name, whom I have created for My glory, whom I have formed, whom I have made.

GNB: They are my own people, and I created them to bring me glory.

We have been created for the glory of God in other words we have been created to manifest the glory of God.

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