Summary: It is only a fool that builds without counting the cost. Life has it origin and propeller in God, so disregarding His surpremacy and Lordship will amount to lot struggles, crisis at most shame and untimely death of a man, therefore allow God to build you.

Theme: The master Builder

Text: Psalms 127:1, Job 22:23-24,

Our God is the master builder..if you read Exo 1:21, He build houses for the midwives, because they chose to obey Him instead of pharoah who had a negative plans for the birth of male child due to the prophesy that was unfold concerning tje deliverer of God's people. He also build cities..Heb 11:10. He make and remake everything.

He specializes in building people's life, 1cor 3:9. Until you subconciously absorbed that He is the builder of your life, consciously you will always find yourself in guilt when there's a damage done to you.

Like any master builder he builds according to plan.

Let take a deep studies on this scripture in

Ps 33:8-11, Rev 1:8, and see the attribute of our Master builder and why we should be confident enough in Him, like I was studying one of my morning devotion, which speaks of the pathway of fools. Only fool sees all these beautiful creation and in his folly acknowledge tha there is no God talkless of Him building his life. The very end of such life is disasterous irrespective of what he has achieved or gathered (Prov 23:5, ps 14:1)..

so open with me in Ps 33:8-11

From this scripture is clearly stated

1. when God speak it is 62:11, Rom 9:15-16. You need a spoken word inorder to have your world form. In Genesis 1:3, the earth was void and empty but at the spoken word, the Spirit moves upon the water, and the emptiness and darkness became full with light. I hereby decree to your life by the Power of the spoken word, recieve life and light in your chaotic situation in Jesus Name. The Lord builds by speaking. Today He shall speak to your life and every unabandoned project shall be perfected in Jesus Name. 1peter 5:10

2. He makes the plans and devices of the heathen non effective. God has the power to frustrate the dealings of the wicked, because He sees their dealings. Whoever is mandated to frustrate your open doors this year shall all fail in Jesus Name. Job 5:12, Exo 14:14. Isaiah 44:25-26

3. State that the counsel of God stands forever. The counsel of the Lord is the guarantee tool you need inorder to rearrange and reverse every damage done to your destiny. Remember Christ on Calvary paid that very price for you, so instead of calculating, analysing, murmuring and complaining, just surrender and obey Him fully and your broken walls shall be rebuild in Jesus Name. Jere 29:11, 3rd John 2, deut 7:14. Are you believing God for conception and delivery before April this year you will take in and in nine months time you shall bring forth your joy in Jesus Name. Are you unemploy, or unfruitful in your work, this year, the Lord shall be merciful, make you an employer and make you fruitful in Jesus Name.

Now we are fully aware of who our God is and what He is capable of doing, so lets us go to our phrase ( " SOME KEEP DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT" IGNORANCE,) and also see from Job 22:23-24, how can we benefit from the teaching of Job in changing our orientation so we can access our open doors and become relevant and a true blessing to others.

The first thing Job pointed to us, if we are going to access this open doors this year we must

1. Return to the Lord! Joel 2:12-13, It is clearly understood that as christian, your ability to fulfill destiny is fully depended on the Lord, so failure to heed to His plans for you make you a wanderer and a shame. Prov 14:12. Many have return but yet don't want to let go of the past therefore they are lure back into it. In proverb 28:13, says until we let go and forsake the wrongs we still stand a prey of it power, therefore humbly rend your hearts before the Lord not your garments and He shall accept and strengthen you this year in Jesus Name.

2. Then you shall be built up. Acts 20:32..And now I commend you to God and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all them who are sanctified.

After you allow the word of grace through God ( true prophets- Hosea 12:12, leading of the Spirit, Heb 8:10-12, ) to build you and not your emotions, feelings or the norms then you will build up for yourself treasures and become relevant and a solution to your world this 2017. Remember your greatest teacher is the Holy Spirit, and specifically in that Hebrews 8:10-12, the Lord made it clear that for many that have recieved Him as their Lord, he made a covenant to them, not on stones as in the past but on their heart, so they won't need any to teach or judge them, because that spirit of direction, correction, reprove, rebuke dwells in them. My question to you as a believer do you hearken to that soft voice from within that always agree with the scripture in leading you at right or do you deviate and follow your instinct or the desires of your emotions, feelings and flesh. Let it be clear to you as believers we aren't called to follows emotions, or feeling but lead them with the knowledge of God's word. This year if your success will be guarantee, you need to surrender to more of the word and counsel of God for your life than the dictates of the world or norms around you. May the Lord grant you the grace to heed to His word this season in Jesus Name.

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